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Aesthetics: an international colloquium on art, aesthetics and imagination

10 December 2009, Monash University

While contemporary research in the humanities considers a broad range of questions, aesthetics arguably remains a central concern for us all. The colloquium organisers invite potential participants to reflect on their own research with regard to contemporary considerations of aesthetics. The overall intention remains the sharing of original ideas and research; accordingly, participants are under no obligation to narrow their focus.

The annual postgraduate colloquium provides a forum for sharing ideas to postgraduate students from the Centre for Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies and the wider Faculty. The colloquium is an opportunity for postgraduate students and emerging scholars, conducting research in literary studies, cultural studies or critical theory, to present aspects of their work. The colloquium seeks to provide a relaxed and supportive atmosphere for stimulating academic exchange.

Social Aesthetics research unit, Monash University.

Papers and Recordings

Download recordings of papers from the links below. For more recordings, see our podcasting page.

Nineteenth-Century Climate Change

Thomas Ford

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The Contemporary Historical Novel

Agnes Heller

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Esthetic Appreciation as a Normative Ideal

Elizabeth Burns Coleman

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Georg Simmel and an Artefactual Theory of Communication

Eduardo de la Fuente

The Image and its Double. Three Theses on Illusion

David Roberts

Kafka’s Aesthetics of Imprisonment

Dimitris Vardoulakis

Afterlife and Second Life—The Virtual Varieties of Religious Experience

Massimo Leone

It's the conscience collective, stupid: philosophical aesthetics and the sociology of art

Andrew Milner

Living in a Kitsch World: An Aesthetic Anthropology of Contemporary Infantilism

Peter Murphy


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