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Collaborations: Creative Partnerships in Music


4-6 June 2009


Monash University Conference Centre
Level 7, 30 Collins Street, Melbourne


Collaborations: Creative Partnerships in Music program PDF Icon 31.7 kb

Keynote speakers

Invited speakers

Conference dinner

Friday 5 June 2009


Titles of papers link directly to mp3 files. If you require a transcription please contact the School of English, Communications and Performance Studies.

Speaker Title of paper mp3 file size
Janine Burke Being Geniuses Together: What Yoko Ono Taught John Lennon Podcast icon28.3 mb
Jane Hammond and Helen Noonan Creating the chamber opera Voicing Emily: Successful Collaborations in Music Theatre Podcast icon11.6 mb
Catherine Ingram Dorga dao (Singing our own songs): How kam village singers negotiate creative and collaborative possibilities in the performance of Kam songs Podcast icon11.6 mb
Margaret Kartomi The Collaborative War-time Composition of ‘Gending Sriwijaya’ Podcast icon10.4 mb
John Scannell When Presupposition Impedes on Praxis: Lessons Learned from James Brown Podcast icon13.3 mb
Peter Murphy ‘I and I’: Collaboration and the Double Act of Musical Creation Podcast icon17.1 mb
Peter Doyle ‘Working for the man’: figuring the artist-producer (or artist-agent, artist-manager, artist-entrepreneur, artist-hustler) relationship Podcast icon25.9 mb
Geoff King When the music’s over: Collaboration gone wrong Podcast icon11.8 mb
Becky Shepherd Collaboratively Crafting the Recorded Soundscape Podcast icon12.9 mb
Stuart Grant Feeling The Flow Podcast icon16.4 mb
Rebecca-Anne Do Rozario Wrocking Collaboration: Wizard Rock and the Work of J.K. Rowling Podcast icon10.5 mb
Helen O’Shea Sean O Riada and Ceoltoiri Chualann: The collaboration that changed the sound of Irish music Podcast icon11.8 mb
Graeme Smith Singers and Songwriters in Australian Country Music Podcast icon10.4 mb


Collaborations: creative partnerships in music enquiries


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