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Music, culture and society

There is now widespread agreement that ‘music is more than notes’, a growing recognition that music is culturally formed and serves diverse social purposes.

Music both announces social change and strengthens collective memory; it both gives expression to personal identity and connects us to others. In modern life, music is a vehicle for transcending the everyday. It is the soundtrack to much of our existence and that soundtrack is highly technological. Musical technologies deeply impacts the musical experience and society.

The Music, Culture and Society conference brought together scholars from diverse fields to examine the contradictory roles that music plays in social life and culture. Presenters addressed the social and cultural role of music through diverse genres and styles – from pop to classical, experimental to conventional. Various persepctives were brought into play and featured an afternoon of presentations from students pursuing postgraduate research on the social and cultural aspects of music.


6-8 March 2008


Monash Conference Centre, Melbourne


Keynote speakers

Invited speakers


Music, Culture and Society abstracts PDF Icon 4.10 mb


Titles of papers link directly to mp3 files. If you require a transcription please contact the School of English, Communications and Performance Studies.

Speaker Title of paper mp3 file size
Michael Bull Sounding Out Cosmopolitanism: iPod Culture and Recognition Podcast icon17.7 mb
Joanne Cummings Trade Mark Registered: Sponsorship, Brand communities and Neo-tribalism within the Australian Indie Music Festival Scene Podcast icon29.8 mb
Lawrence Harvey Auditory City: Realising an Auditory Spatial Awareness Podcast icon23.6 mb
Dan Black Algo-Rhythm and Mello-dy: A Consideration of the Relationship between Technology and the Embodied Performance of Music Podcast icon38.7 mb
Joseph Borlagdan The Paradox of “Do-It-Yourself” in Unpopular Music Podcast icon27.9 mb
David Roberts Reflections on Cultural Secularization Podcast icon10.8 mb
Eduardo de la Fuente That Other Modern Musical Persona: John Cage and the Minimal Self Podcast icon15.8 mb
Peter Murphy Bob Dylan Ain’t Talking: One Man’s Vast Comic Adventure in American Music, Dramaturgy, and Mysticism Podcast icon25.1 mb
Peter Beilharz, Trevor Hogan, and Clinton Walker The Vinyl Age: Rock Music in Australia, 1945-1995 Podcast icon9.8 mb
Chris Worth VU and Value: Canonising Popular Music Podcast icon9.9 mb
Shane Homan Pop in the City: Industries, Governance and Night-Time Economies Podcast icon7.1 mb
Joel Crotty Marketing Romanian Music Abroad Podcast icon10.3 mb


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