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Sovereignty and The Political Animal

A symposium presented by Research Unit in European Philosophy

A concern with animals and animality continues to exert a hold over a great deal of contemporary philosophical debate. ‘Animals’ and ‘creatures’ provide figures in relation to which issues central to both political and moral philosophy are both propounded and debated. The aim of this workshop is to continue that engagement.


Where are the Animals? Notes on Kant’s Critique of Practical Reason

Andrew Benjamin (Monash)

11.45 -1.00

(Monash) The Figure of the Animal in Hegel

James Muldoon

1.00-1.45 Lunch. A sandwich lunch will be provided.

Sovereignty Today: Animal Humanism and the 'Responsibility to Protect'

Jessica Whyte (Monash)

3.30- 5.00

Derrida's Final Seminars: The Beast and the Sovereign (2001-2003)

Michael Naas (De Paul)

Places are free however reservations need to be made:
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