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thinking film and televisions digital future through the past

One of the most significant challenges for Film and Television Studies scholars in the 21st century age of digital media is finding ways to conceptualise and critically analyse the rapid transformation of film and television caused by the shift from analogue to digital formats. Film and Television scholars at both Monash and Warwick are actively engaged in research that addresses this transformation. They also share a disciplinary concern about the misleading division between ‘old’ and ‘new’ media found in both academic and popular discourses by paying attention to cinematic histories of the digital future.


31 August - 2 September 2010, Monash University


Tuesday 31st August

4 - 6pm (S704 Menzies Building)

Under Construction seminar with papers by Helen Wheatley and Alastair Phillips on MEDIATION OF LANDSCAPE AND SCREEN TECHNOLOGY

Dr Helen Wheatley

‘Beautiful images, spectacular clarity’: Spectacular television, ‘landscape porn’, and the question of (tele)visual pleasure

Alastair Phillips

Unsettled Visions: Uchida Tomu’s A Fugitive From the Past/Kiga kaikyo (1965)

Thursday 2 September

5pm Research Workshop (W710 – School of ECPS library)

  1. How do we understand the rapid transformation of film and television?
  2. How do we best counter the oversimplified division between ‘old’ and ‘new’ media that dominates both academic and public discourses on media presents and futures?
  3. How can knowledge of past technological change help us to conceptualise the current transformation of film and television?
  4. How might historical film theory and criticism be redeployed for analytical methodologies in digital film and television.
  5. How might knowledge of historical instances of intermedia be applied to current forms of media convergence and crossovers between film and modern art?


Thinking film and televisions digital future through the past enquires