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Vampires, Vamps and Va Va Voom: A Critical Engagement with Paranormal Romance

Despite the rise of academic interest in vampires in popular culture, vampire romance has been largely ignored. From Dracula (1897) to Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997–2003), romance themes have been entwined with the narratives and images of vampires.

Due to the commercial success of the emerging sub-genre ‘Paranormal Romance’, there has been an increase of vampire romance and related themes in other genres (such as contemporary fiction, young adult fiction and horror). Contemporary feminist scholars have not reflected upon this recent phenomenon despite the pioneering studies of Tania Modleski (1982), Janice Radway (1987) and Linda Christian-Smith (1990).

The two-day symposium Vampires, Vamps and Va Va Voom was opportunity to discuss and critically examine the impact of the Undead upon the romance genre and the thriving industry created in its wake.

Topics of interest included:


19 & 20 September 2008


Japanese Studies Centre, Monash University


Titles of papers link directly to mp3 files. If you require a transcription please contact the School of English, Communications and Performance Studies.

Speaker Title of paper mp3 file size
Lenis Prater He is a Monster: Masculinity, Animalism and the Gendering of Power in Paranormal Romance Podcast icon10.9 mb
Laura Jane Maher Having it both ways: The Queering of Heteronormative Romance Podcast icon7.9 mb
Virginia Keft-Kennedy Fantasising Masculinity in Buffyverse Slash Fiction: Sexuality Violence, and the Vampire Podcast icon15.2 mb
Kirsten Stevens Conformity through Transgression: An Examination of the Proliferation of Vampires within Online Cultures Podcast icon7.5 mb
Adrian Martin Playing Vampire Cool: The Strange Postmodern Romances of Michael Almereyda’s Nadja (1994) Podcast icon14.4 mb
Phillippe Met A Discussion of Horror Films Podcast icon18.8 mb
Sian Mitchell ‘I think the thrall has gone out of our relationship’: Buffy and Dracula; A Parodic Adventure in Romance Podcast icon14.4 mb
Odette Kelada Corporeal Integrity and Reviving Romantic Bodies Podcast icon9.0 mb
Melanie Burns Possessing and Consuming Desire: Vampires as Metaphor Podcast icon11.6 mb
Deb Watson Consuming Passions: Vampires, Hunger and Sexuality Podcast icon13.6 mb
Michelle De Stefani The Mother is a Vamp: Explorations in the Mommy-lilt Faction of Paranormal Romance Podcast icon11.2 mb
Rebecca Do Rozario Undead Romance Writers Podcast icon13.9 mb
Narelle Harris Panel Discussion Podcast icon19.2 mb
Patrick Spedding Dracula (1979) as Paranormal Romance Podcast icon17.9 mb


School of English, Communications and Performance Studies


This event was funded by the School of English, Communications and Performance Studies, Monash University