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Tip: Make sure you have a copy of your course map on hand. You should always refer to your course structure when making subject choices.

Important terms and definitions

Areas of study / discipline

The areas of study, sometimes referred to as disciplines, are broad topic areas like History or Politics.


A course is a defined period of study leading to a tertiary qualification. Rules and requirements for each course are included in the University Handbook.

Credit points

This is the value given to a unit/subject, normally 6 credit points.  There are some second and third year units that are worth 12 credit points.

Unit / subject

Units are subjects and they make up the different areas of study (disciplines).

Year level

Within a course, there are a number of different year levels at which units are offered. These represent the order in which you should take them in your course. For example ATS1351 ‘Exploring performance’ is a first-year level Performance unit and ATS2811 ‘Making performance: Theory and practice’ is a second-year level Performance unit.

Note: The term does not necessarily refer to the number of years a student has been studying but the level you have achieved in your course or a particular area of study. For example, a double degree student may find that they study first-year level units in their second year at university.



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