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Majors, minors and sequences explained

What is a sequence?

A sequence is two 1st year units in the same area of study typically taken consecutively over two semesters.

Most courses require you to complete 3 sequences overall.

One sequence is usually incorporated in your major, one in your minor and one is a stand-alone.

What is a minor?

A minor is made up of 4 units in the same area of study. Normally two units are taken in first year (a sequence) and two in your second year.

You can take more than one minor in your course. It just means taking four of your units from one area of study.

Note: No more than 2 units can be taken at first year level in any minor.

What is a major?

A major is an area of study that you will specialise in. It consists of 8 units in the same area of study and is normally taken over three years as follows:

1) Two units in first year – (a sequence) and;

2) Either:

(a) Two units at second year level and four units at third year or;

(b) Three units at second year and three units at third year.

In addition to the above, some areas of study require students to complete specific units (or core units), and some areas of study may require you to complete more than eight units to be awarded the major.

This information is always clearly detailed in the handbook entry for each area of study.

Can you complete a double major?

Double majors are two majors in different areas of study.

The same requirements apply to single and double majors as outlined above.

Double Major in a Double Degree

If you are in a double degree you will need to decide at the start of your course if you want to complete a double major. The Arts component of a double degree is 96 points and each major a minimum of 48 points.

If you elect to complete a double major, we will waive the third sequence requirement of your course to allow you complete the two Arts specialisations. Also your second major will fulfil the minor requirement.

Bachelor of Arts (Global) double degree students should note that due to the compulsory Global Studies unit, you do not have room to complete a double major.

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