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Council, 2000 THE SCIENCE

University of Alaska Fairbanks

Artic Transitions in the Land Atmosphere System (ATLAS)


Science photos 2000

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Snow ablation stake Setting up the tethered balloon sonde Filling the radiosonde balloon
Mike at the controls of the integrated sounding system The adventurous balloon crossing Chris Wendt preparing for sap flow measurements
Sap flow sensor installed Tethersonde in the forest Chase sampling biomass
Aerial view of the burn site Arctic birds pecking the dome of the net radiometer Sampling biomass on a smaller scale
Helicopter logistics with Merin The tower at the tundra site in May Shrub site tower
John Holmgren in the snow pit at the forest site Johannes Dietz setting up equipment at the shrub site in May Ian McHugh is perplexed at the workings of the system