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Climatology - Research - GES

Sustainable futures of Australian temperate forests

An investigation of coupled carbon, water and enery exchanges from hourly to centtennial time scales

Wallaby Creek Flux Tower Site

Project Overview

Australia's forests are a critical natural resource that must be sustainably managed. We will determine the uptake/release of carbon from old growth and regrowth forests and assess the water budgets of the Melbourne water catchment at Wallaby Creek, Victoria, Australia. We aim to understand the current cycles of carbon, water and energy and how these may change over time (hours to centuries). We will integrate our observations with state-of-the-art models to improve our predictions of how forests will respond to change. This will aid our management of forests and forested catchments to ensure sustainable and viable water resources and optimise carbon sequestration. The project is funded from 2004 to 2006.

Full project details can be found HERE. The tower will provide longterm measurements as part of the Ozflux network. and FLUXNET.


The data is downloaded once per day from the site via cell phone and is stored here for access. The following data tables are available in 30 minute resolution:

1. Flux

2. Energy Balance

3. Daily

Near Real-time data

This page has been developed by Dr. Jason Beringer for the routine status checking of the system. Flux estimates are also given but are not quality controlled.