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Maritime Continent Thunderstorm Experiment

About the Maritime Continent Thunderstorm Experiment (MCTEX)

The MCTEX experimental program was undertaken over the Tiwi Islands, Northern Territory, Australia during November and December 1995.

Map of the Tiwi islands north of Darwin (Australian Geographic, Vol 48, 1997)

The core objective of MCTEX is to improve understanding of the dynamics and interaction of the physical processes involved in the organisation and lifecycle of tropical island convection over the Maritime Continent and the role of this convection in the atmospheric energy and moisture balance.

Monash University maintained four surface energy balance sites across the island measuring the fluxes of heat and moisture that were input to the thunderstorms.

Maxwells Creek Apsley Strait

Roller Plains Pikataramoor Tower

MCTEX was a multi-national program with funding contributed by a number of agencies. Specific aims of the Monash Environmental Climatology Group were to:

  • Investigate and quantify the surface energy fluxes, accounting for interactions with and between radiation and energy fluxes, sea and land breeze circulation's, cloud, and thunderstorm inflows and outflows as components of mesoscale structure
  • Establish a basic climatology of the land-sea breeze regime over the Tiwi Islands, concentrating on inter and intra-seasonal differences and linking especially with the development of island thunderstorms
  • Undertake numerical studies of island convection and convective systems

The Monash group from left to right (Alan Wain, Andrew Oliphant, Rob Schafer, David McJannet, Simon, Jason Beringer, Bernie, Nigel Tapper)

Monash's involvement in MCTEX was funded by the Australian Research Council.

The Official MCTEX page


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