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Nadine d’Argent

Nadine d’Argent

PhD (2007 - present)

Supervisor Panel members

Associate Professor Jason Beringer

Professor Nigel Tapper

Research Focus

Urban Climatology

Current Research

The main objective my study is to assess the sustainability of the compact city urban morphology through a micro-climatic and bioclimatic perspective. To determine whether the change from a present day urban morphology to a proposed Melbourne 2030 activity centre will modify micro-climatic processes and impact upon the outdoor human thermal environment.

In order to address the primary research question the following aims are proposed:

To assess the meteorological impacts and associated outdoor human thermal environmental impacts resulting from proposed changes in urban morphologies highlighted in Melbourne 2030.

To determine in 2030 whether the change in urban morphologies combined with global warming projections from CSIRO (Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Organisation) will modify meteorological parameters and associated thermal comfort parameters.

To assess various Melbourne 2030 urban density design morphologies to determine which urban designs improve climatic conditions in priority areas.

Since previous studies have not considered the sustainability of the compact city from an urban climatic perspective there is a need to understand the implications of the compact city on urban micro-climatic processes and whether this will induce human thermal stress. The expected outcome of this study may potentially assist in developing policy suggestions for improving Melbourne's urban micro-climate, an aspect which is have not yet been considered in Melbourne policy initiatives.

Past Research

Carbon sequestration over a chronosequence (25 - 275yrs) of Mountain Ash Stands.


Climate Change and Human Health conference 2007 - Paper in Conference proceedings.

Why Monash?

Monash was the only university that offered such a diverse Environmental Science degree, where I could study a range of geography, biology and Environmental Science subjects. I enjoy studying within the Monash Climate Group because I have great supervisors, and because there is such a diverse range of research being undertaken and everyone is willing to help one another. I have also made great friends and had the opportunity to have experiences that will last me a lifetime, such as undertaking research in the Mountain Ash forest of Wallaby Creek, and there are many more to come.

What next?

When I complete my studies I want to move to Buenos Aires and gain employment in the field of climatology or sustainability (greenhouse mitigation projects) or assisting in environmental education.