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Carol Hensley

Carol Hensley

PhD (2007 - present)

Supervisor Panel Members

Associate Professor Jason Beringer

Dr Peter Isaac

Dr Marc Leblanc (JCU)

Research Focus

Remote sensing of evapotranspiration (ET) using MODIS and integration of ET results into catchment scale hydrological models.

Current Research

The PhD project examines different methodologies of mapping evapotranspiration using MODIS remote sensing products and meteorological forcings. ET algorithms are compared with measurements at four flux towers in the northern territory: Daly River 5 year Cleared, Daly River 25 year Cleared, Daly River uncleared and Howard Springs. ET results are incorporated into two MIKE-SHE hydrological models for the Daly River and Howard River catchments to determine whether incorporation of remotely sensed ET datasets can improve existing hydrological models. Results are measured against closure of the water balance for 8 wet seasons over the period 2000-2008.

Past Research

I worked for 13 years in the mineral exploration industry first as an exploration geologist then later as a project generator and geophysical interpreter. I have researched a variety of ore deposit styles, their orogenesis and mode of occurrence including iron-oxide copper gold deposits, Broken Hill-style Pb-Zn-Ag, mesothermal gold and iron ore. My most recent work was with airborne gravity gradiometry, using it in conjunction with other geological and geophysical techniques as an exploration tool for a wide range of mineral deposits including kimberlites.

Why Monash?

I chose to return to Monash, where I had done my undergraduate degree, because of the excellent research being carried out by the Climate Group in the School of Geography and Environmental Science. I want to refocus my skills in remote sensing and geophysical interpretation to the fields of climate change and hydrology. The Climate Group meets regularly: there is excellent cross-fertilisation of ideas between researchers and frequent opportunities to attend and/or present topical research seminars.

What next?

I would like to further the work researched in my PhD for water resource management and ecological monitoring purposes. I am unsure whether this would be via academia, government agency or private sector work.