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Honours and Postgraduate studies in Climatology / Meteorology

Honours and Postgraduate studies in Climatology / Meteorology can be undertaken within the School of Geography and Environmental Science. Honours can be taken as Atmospheric Science Honours (ATM4000) or as Geography/Climatolgy Honours (GESHONS). The Honours program is designed to broaden skills and knowledge already gained during undergraduate studies but moreover to give an opportunity to conduct independent research. The program is generally undertaken over two semester and includes a seminar series, course work and research thesis. A distinction average is required for entry. The Honours degree will aid in competing for job opportunities or lead to further postgraduate studies such as a PhD or Masters degree.

For more information see the School's Honours page. Honours projects can be developed in conjunction with Nigel Tapper and/or Jason Beringer.

Postgraduate degrees provide students with specialisation in their field, expertise in the methodologies employed and a comprehensive knowledge of their discipline. Graduates establish and develop transferable skills valued by a broad range of employers. Specific projects will add additional skills depending on the methods chosen and any related short-term employment taken up during the course of the degree.

For more information see the School's Postgraduate page.

Some current and recent and Postgraduate students and projects

Current PhD Projects (2013)


Research Topic:


Ashley Broadbent The effectiveness of greean infrastricture and Water Sensitive Urban Design for cooling climate. Nigel Tapper, Jason Beringer, Andrew Coutts
Kerry Nice An assessment of Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) feature influences on urban microclimates in support of human thermal comfort in urban areas. Nigel Tapper, Jason Beringer, Andrew Coutts nice

Carol Hensley

Remote sensing of evapotranspiration (ET) using MODIS and integration of ET results into catchment scale hydrological models Jason Beringer, Peter Isaac, Marc Leblanc (James Cook University)

Hong Xie xie

Ian McHugh

Analysis of carbon, water and energy exchanges in alpine grassland ecosystems using micrometeorological techniques. The aim is to identify key moderators of ecosystem productivity and to assess potential future changes in these ecosystems in response to climate. Jason Beringer, Nigel Tapper, Mark Adams (University of New South Wales)

Kenichi Kurioka The effect of climate change and atmospheric CO2 concentration increase on the carbon cycle of Australian temperate (Eucalyptus regnans) forests Jason Beringer, Lindsay Hutley (Charles Darwin University)

Reza Amiri Analysis of field-based, airborne and spaceborne LIDAR and hyperspectral sensor data for the quantification of the vegetation parameters in the savannas of the northern Australia. Jason Beringer, Peter Isaac amiri

Stephen Wood

Ecosystem - Atmosphere interactions in Australian tropical savannas Jason Beringer, Nigel Tapper, Lindsay Hutley (Charles Darwin University), Peter Isaac

Sultana Nury Estimation of actual evapotranspiration using remote sensing data to assess the role of vegetation and water on urban climate: A study of Melbourne city. Jason Beringer, Nigel Tapper, Andrew Coutts nury

Current Masters and Honours Projects (2013)

Student: Research Topic: Supervisors:
Darren Hocking (Masters Prelim.) Bushfire implications of carbon balance in southeast Australia.   Jason Beringer hocking 

Recently completed PhD and Masters Projects (Since 2005)

Year: Student: Research Topic: Supervisors:
2013 Nadine D'Argent A climatic and bioclimatic assessment of the compact city urban morphology - A case study of Melbourne 2030. Jason Beringer, Nigel Tapper d'argent

Fabrizio D'Aprile

Contribution to response of Silver Fir (Abies alba Mill) to climate change in Middle Italy Nigel Tapper, Patrick Baker d'aprile

John Pearce Air pollution, climate change and human health in Melbourne Jason Beringer pearce
Musa Kilinc Carbon, water and energy cycles of different aged forest stands and how they change over successional time scales. Jason Beringer, Nigel Tapper, Lindsay Hutley (Charles Darwin University)
Kerry Nice The effect of street trees on urban microclimate in Melbourne CBD Peter Isaac nice
2010 Carolina Roman Climate change and implications for adaption strategies in the tourism industry Amanda Lynch, Neville Nicholls, Dale Dominey-Howes (University of New South Wales)
2009 Alison Oke Environmental factors driving within-vineyard variability in grape yield and quality Nigel Tapper, Snow Barlow (University of Melbourne)
Kasturi Kanniah The interaction between solar radiation aerosols and its role in savanna productivity: An integrated approach Jason Beringer, Nigel Tapper, Xuan Zhu
Lisa Alexander Changes in observed climate extremes in southern Australia: Societal and ecological impacts and links to changes in large scale circulation patterns
2008 Badr Alharbi Dust entrainment, transport and deposition in Saudi Arabia Nigel Tapper, Jason Beringer alharbi
Lee Tryhorn An integrated assessment of climate vulnerabilities and adaptations in Alpine Shire, Victoria Amanda Lynch, Jason Beringer, Roger Jones (CSIRO) tryhorn
Margaret Loughnan Does the Australian climate pose a threat to Australians with heart disease? Climate and acute myocardial infarction in Melbourne, Australia: A retrospective study 1993 - 2003. Nigel Tapper
Sarah Harris (formerly Sarah Burns) Environmental and human controls on fire activity in the northern Australian savannas Nigel Tapper, David Packham, Ben Orlove (UC Davis)
Tadgh O'Loinsigh Detection, monitoring and analysis of dust storms and their sources in the Australian outback: A climatology and geomorphology approach Nigel Tapper, David Dunkerley
2007 Chris Wendt Impact of savanna fires on heat, moisture and carbon dioxide fluxes to the atmosphere and feedbacks to local and regional climate Jason Beringer, Nigel Tapper, Lindsay Hutley (Charles Darwin University)

2006 Andrew Coutts The influence of housing density and urban design on the surface energy balance and local climates of Melbourne, Australia and the impact of Melbourne 2030's vision Jason Beringer, Nigel Tapper coutts
2005 Paula Arcari The importance of climate for dengue/DHF in Indonesia Nigel Tapper, Sharon Pfueller paula
Willow Hallgren Modelling atmosphere/biosphere interactions and feedbacks in the Arctic Jason Beringer, Nigel Tapper hallgren

Recent Completed Honours Projects (Since 2005)

Year: Student: Research Topic: Supervisors:  
2012 Emma White (Hons.) Urban vegetation and its effects on microclimate Nigel Tapper, Jason Beringer, Andrew Coutts white
Devna Pankhania (Hons.) The effects of irrigated greenspace on microclimate in Dubbo Nigel Tapper devna
Charlie Lam (Hons.) Heat-related mortality and demographic relationship in Hong Kong Nigel Tapper, Margaret Loughnan charlie
Jillian Pettigrew (Hons.) Analysis of irrigation influence on urban microclimates Jason Beringer, Andrew Coutts, Nigel Tapper jill
Adna Kazazic (Hons.) Investigations of mesoscale circulations over salt lakes: can they create cloud signatures and influence rainfall? Nigel Tapper laura
Laura Downes (Hons.) Economically costing the benefits of urban street trees in Melbourne Jason Beringer  
Luke Gerbert (Hons.) The response of urban trees to their environment Jason Beringer, Andrew Coutts luke

Caitlin Moore Sap flow rates in two Eucalyptus tree species in Wombat State Forest. Jason Beringer moore
Matthew Duguay How do green roofs affect the radiation balance? Can they reduce the Urban Heat Island? Jason Beringer duguay
Kellie Lynch Future heat extremes and heat-related mortality in Australian capital cities Nigel Tapper, Margaret Loughnan lynch
2010 Rosemary Andrykanus Emulating nature in building design: What can we learn from magnetic termites and their orientation? Nigel Tapper andrykanus
Stephen Balharrie Landscape characteristics associated with the ignition of bushfires caused by lightning Nigel Tapper, Jason Beringer balharrie
2009 Catherine Crilly Assessing the role of vegetation cover change on urban fluxes and temperatures using an urban-land surface model Jason Beringer crilly
David Barlow Seasonal trends and meteorological controls on visibility in Melbourne as determined by Automated Telephotometer: November 2008 - October 2009. Nigel Tapper barlow
2008 JM An environmental and economic GIS scenario-based analysis of ecosystem services performed by urban trees in Ringwood and Greenborough, Melbourne, Australia Jason Beringer, Shobhit Chandra  
Nicole Joffe The impact of climate change on Human Thermal Comfort and heat-related mortality in the Melbourne region. Jason Beringer
Michelle D'Amico Mesoscale cyclones over Antarctica and the Southern Ocean Amanda Lynch d'amico
2007 Jennifer Randle Greenhouse gas fluxes from a tropical wetland in northern Australia Jason Beringer randle
Natalie Stella The environmental factors affecting grape vine (Vitis vinifera) bud to burst in the Riomaggiore Valley of Cinque Terre, northwest Italy Nigel Tapper, Toni Patti stella
2006 Chris Gerbing Classification of Synoptic scale circulations in the Australian region and its influence on urban heat island's in Melbourne Jason Beringer, Amanda Lynch

Nadine D'Argent

Above ground growth and Net Primary Productivity trends across an age sequence of Mountain Ash stands Jason Beringer  d'argent
Stephen Wood Change in Leaf Area Index (LAI) and tree characteristics of different age Mountain Ash stands to determine effects on water yield Jason Beringer wood
2005 Chris Ellis The Effect of Climate Change on the Carbon and Water budgets of Northern Australian Tropical Savannas Jason Beringer, Nigel Tapper

Matthew Brown An analysis of the role of Ecosystem Respiration in a Northern Australian Tropical Savanna and the influence of precipitation Jason Beringer

Musa Kilinc Thunderstruck: The Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Lightning Strikes in the Northern Territory Jason Beringer