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Ian McHugh

PhD (2006 - present)

Supervisor Panel members:

Associate Professor Jason Beringer

Professor Nigel Tapper

Associate Professor Mark Adams  (The University of Sydney)

Research Focus:

Ecosystem - atmosphere interactions

Current Research:

Analysis of carbon, water and energy exchanges in alpine grassland ecosystems using micrometeorological techniques. The aim is to identify key moderators of ecosystem productivity and to assess potential future changes in these ecosystems in response to climate.

Past Research:

I worked as a technician on similar micrometeorologically based studies in both Arctic tundra and African savanna ecosystems. My Honours research investigated contrasts in boundary layer development between tundra and boreal forest ecosystems.

Why Monash?

Initially, I chose to study at Monash for mainly geographical reasons, but returned for my PhD largely because I was interested in working with my supervisor, Jason Beringer.

I am keen to stay in research for a few years before possibly making a move into science writing or journalism (with an ecological/earth system focus).