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Stephen Wood

Stephen Wood

PhD 2007 - present

Supervisor Panel members

Associate Professor Jason Beringer

Professor Nigel Tapper

Dr. Lindsay Hutley (Charles Darwin University)

Dr. Peter Isaac

Research Focus

Ecosystem - Atmosphere interactions in Australian tropical savannas

Current Research

The aim of my project is to measure the spatial variability of the water, energy and carbon cycles across the northern Australian savannas. To achieve the aims of this project a range of complimentary methods will be employed, including eddy covariance flux tower observations and ecosystem modeling. Measuring these fluxes in the unique tropical savanna ecosystems could give us more information to help improve the carbon sink and water catchment strategies.


Wood, S. A., Beringer, J., Hutley, L. B., Mcguire, A. D., Van Dijk, A. & Kilinc, M. (2008) Impacts of fire on forest age and runoff in mountain ash forests. Functional Plant Biology, 35, 483-492.

Why Monash?

I chose to study at Monash due to the reputation of the atmospheric science program and initially wanted to do meteorology.

What next?

I would like to continue with similar work possible in a government agency or private sector.