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Course Advice

Who can I contact about my course?

Administrative staff also act as course advisers. If you are having problems with your enrolment, need help about your majors or minors or just have general queries about the School, speak to the following staff:

Debbie Pavey - Executive Student Services Officer
+61 3  512 26318 or +61 3 990 26318
Office: 2W288

Samantha Watson - Student Services Officer
+61 3 512 27224 or +61 3 990 27224
Office: 2W286

Maree Mills - Student Services Officer
+61 3 512 26319 or +61 3 990 26319
Office: 2W287

It is in your best interest to contact a course adviser to draw up a course plan for the period of your enrolment. A course plan will show you what to enrol in for the duration of your degree, and when you are likely to complete.


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