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General Information

The School of Humanities, Communications and Social Sciences is located on the Gippsland Campus, which is in the township of Churchill, about 140 kilometres east of the Clayton Campus. The school offers a range of undergraduate courses, enabling students to choose a program, which suits their specific interests, needs and career goals. The academic programs offered range from the broad, generalist Bachelor of Arts to the more specifically vocational programs such as the Bachelor of Social Welfare and BA (Journalism).

The school also conducts an extensive distance education program via the Off-Campus Learning Centre. The university's commitment to distance education means that the same opportunities can be offered to students who cannot attend on-campus lecture programs because of work or family commitments or because of location. The aim of distance education is to provide students with the necessary resources to complete a major part of their coursework off-campus.

The School of Humanities, Communications and Social Sciences employes about 50 academic and general staff, and has an enrolment of about 1300 students.

The School’s academic areas include:

In addition to the sections, the school has two centres:

The Centre for Gippsland Studies has a large archive of information on Gippsland, maintained by the executive officer, which is accessible to anyone researching issues related to Gippsland.

The Centre for Australian Indigenous Studies (CAIS) offers subjects that aim to encourage students to understand the past and contemporary experiences of Indigenous Australians. Courses in Australian Indigenous Studies aim to assist students to develop a good knowledge base about key issues in Indigenous societies.

The school also includes the Bionics and Cognitive Science Centre.


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