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HUMCASS Colloquium Series

Colloquium. Noun.
1. An informal meeting for the exchange of views.
2. An academic seminar on a broad field of study, usually led by a different lecturer at each meeting.

HUMCASS represents a very broad mix of disciplines. The fortnightly colloquium series provides an opportunity to showcase that variety in an informal, collegial environment. Presentations may represent completed, in-progress or planned work, and sessions may be delivered by one or multiple presenters.  In all colloquium sessions the overarching intention is to start a conversation focused on, but not limited to, the presenter's own field of research; and in so doing seek to support, foster and facilitate a vibrant research culture within HUMCASS and across the Gippsland Campus.

Semester 2

All sessions will be held in 1N 207 from 1-2 pm on Thursdays.

2 29 July 2010 George Van Doorn Haptics can 'lend a hand' to a bionic eye
4 12 Aug 2010 Robyn Heckenberg Industry engagement and collaboration on the Murray River: working as a researcher with local Government and Aboriginal community
6 26 Aug 2010 Louise North
Liz Hart
The gender 'problem' in journalism education
Ferals of the fourth estate: the untold story of community newspapers
8 9 Sept 2010 Ian McGinn Commonwealth Aboriginal policy in the Northern Territory 1911-1939
10 23 Sept 2010 Joanie Smith
Sadie Heckenberg
Consequences and accountability in men's behaviour change
Cultural safety and educational change
12 14 Oct 2010 James Gomez
Joanna Kujawa
The role of university and PR education

Semester 1

All sessions will be held in 1N207 from 1pm - 2pm on Thursdays.

Week Date Presenter Title
2 11 Mar 2010 Damien Maye Local food networks and food security: where now?
4 25 Mar 2010 Michelle Duffy Sound Place Affect
6 15 Apr 2010 Robyn Heckenberg The Diaspora of Memory Identity and Place
8 29 Apr 2010 Stuart Levy Preparing Bradley for University and University for Bradley: Low SES student transition and retention at a regional university
10 13 May 2010 James Gomez Social Media and Opposition Parties: Facebook Politics in Singapore and Malaysia
12 27 May 2010 Rebecca Cameron Justice, Order and the Sovereign Identity: The Importance of Human Rights in Constructing International Stability


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