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Mrs Cathy Trembath

Lecturer, Community Welfare and Counselling

cathy trembath
Phone:   +61 3 9902 6151 or +61 3 5122 6151
Fax:   +61 3 9902 6359 or +61 3 5122 6359
Office:   1E123, Gippsland Campus


Cathy Trembath worked as a social worker in the non-profit sector in the U.S. for over 25 years, in a variety of community settings.  Her work there included development of community programs for public housing residents and for Alzheimer sufferers and their families, volunteer projects to create community group linkages and refugee resettlement programs.   Just prior to leaving the U.S., her work focused on connecting community members to government leaders in order to effect change in programs, as well as a major focus on diversity programs creating bonds between the diverse ethnic, religious and racial groups in the metropolitan area of Phoenix, Arizona. 
Since moving to Australia in 2004, she has shifted her attentions from social justice to environmental concerns, volunteering in a number of environmental organisations.   During the last 4 years, Cathy has tutored in several Social and Community Welfare units on the Gippsland Campus and has twice been awarded the Dean’s Sessional Teaching Award.  She lives in the Strzelecki Ranges with her husband on 35 hectares of regenerating rainforest, using only alternative energy and renewal resources.   

Research interests

Cathy is interested understanding how to create linkages between the community’s understanding of issues and the actual change in behaviour, specifically related to climate change issues and the social justice impact of the needed changes.  In addition, she is interested in governance issues, understanding the differences between the not-for-profit and the for-profit sectors. 



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