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Dr Susan Yell

Senior Lecturer, Communications and Writing

susan yell
Phone:   +61 3 990 26442 or +61 3 512 26442
Fax:   +61 3 990 26359 or +61 3 512 26359
Office:   1E 226, Gippsland Campus


Susan gained her PhD (in systemic-functional linguistics and social semiotics) from the University of Sydney in 1994. She taught for four years at Sydney University before taking up a lectureship at Central Queensland University in 1991, moving to Monash in late 1999. She has published a co-authored book with Tony Schirato (Communication and Cultural Literacies, Allen & Unwin/Sage, 2000) and a number of research articles on media and communication technologies, literacies and practices. From 1997 to 2007 she edited the annual special issue of the A-ranked media and cultural studies journal Southern Review: Communication, Politics, Culture

Research interests

Susan is a communications and media scholar with an interest in various forms of communication/cultural literacies. She brings a background in social semiotics and discourse analysis to a range of research topics including the relation between discourse and affect, email and electronic messaging practices, communication technologies and literacies, media and the public sphere. 

Current research projects

Susan in currently undertaking research on wartime correspondence technologies; and on the media reporting of disasters, affect and the public sphere. 

Recent publications

Book chapters

Refereed articles


Susan lectures in the undergraduate, Honours and Masters programs in Communications and Writing, in the following subjects:

Expert media commentary

Her areas of expertise for media commentary include:

Postgraduate supervision

Susan has supervised 6 PhD students to successful completion and is currently supervising 5 students (as main or associate supervisor). PhD topics supervised include:


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