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Theses by Program

Italian Studies

This catalogue represents theses held in the collection of the School of Languages, Cultures and Linguistics. It is not a complete list of all theses completed by students of the school.
A complete collection of Master and PhD theses can be found in the Monash University Library (Honours theses are only available through the School.)

Year Title Degree code
2009 History's Aside. A Study of Digressive Narrative Strategies in Historical Fictions by Italian Women Writers M.A. 2009cl
Reading Annabella (1965-1978): A case study in feminism, social change and Italian popular culture PhD 2009ws
Renegotiating Women in Contemporary Italian Cinema PhD 2009tt
Silvio Berlusconi: Populism and the Undermining of Liberal Democracy in Italy Hons. 2009ga
"Sospensione dell'io a fini personali"
Discursive space and the construction of identity in Rosa Cappiello's Paese Fortunato
Hons. 2009cj
Women Know Best: Women as Dante's guides through the different stages of love in La Divina Commedia Hons. 2009rc
2008 Collaborative Writing In A Second/Foreign Language Hons. 2008zc
Jest and Recreation : The Translation of Humour PhD 2008mb
2007 Carlton and the development of an Italian neighborhood Hons. 2007bs
  Gattopardi, fiori e sciacalletti: Animal and natural imagery in Lampedusa's Il Gattopardo Hons. 2007ml
  Jews and Other Victims: 'Jewishness' as moral identity ion Natalia Ginzburg's works PhD 2007cn
  Monteverdi's Eighth book of Madrigals: A musical genre in Transition Hons. 2007mk
  Sicilianism and the Mafi: Representations and realities Hons. 2007cm
  Topo Gigio and the challenge of subtitling for Children's movies Hons. 2007ml
2006 An examination of the core values of young second-generation Italo-Australians in Melbourne Hons. 2006ud
Observations regarding the possible linguistic origins of Bergamasco phonetic elements Hons. 2006mj
Political Accountability for Extra-Territorial Border Controls: The case of the Kater y Rades Hons. 2006jz
2005 Barilla. Affidabilita, Tradizione e qualita in scatole blu: Un'analisi di alcune pubblicita televisive della pasta Barilla Hons. 2005rl
Chastity and the single woan writer: Ideal states for creativity in Maddelana Campiglia's Flori and Moderata Fonte's il merito delle donne Hons. 2005rk
Narrating Women's Lives: A comparative study of Anna Banti's Artemisia and Matilde Serao Hons. 2005cl
Patterns of Language use in two Melburnian-Sicilian families Hons. 2005dj
The afflictions of an outsider exploring the ''Paradox of selfhood'' in the early cinema of Nanni Moretti M.A. 2005sm
The relativity of Deviance in "Cosi' e' (se vi pare)" and "Enrico IV" by Luigi Pirandello Hons. 2005bc
Translating Reality: L'Uomo del parco (1984) by Francesca Sanvitale Hons. 2005fd
Translation of Mai Sentitia Cosi Bene by Rossana Campo with theoretical and critical review Hons. 2005js
2003 "Pseudo-event" or search for the "Authentic?" An analysis of the motivations of tourism to Tuscany Hons. 2003bf
Il mantenimento di elementi dei dialetti della provincia di Perugia nella lingua parlata di immigrati umbri a Melbourne. Hons. 2003cr
Politica confezionata per il modello TV. Disillusione, media logic e marketing nella vittoria elettorale di Silvio Berlusconi nel 1994 Hons. 2003te
The development and function of student media at the University of Florence Hons. 2003ga
Un ponte traballante: La mediazione culturale nelle scuole: 'ponte linguistico' e 'ponte relazionale' in teoria e in pratica a Firenze Hons. 2003mn
2002 Asili-nido unici: il servizio degli asili-nido e la denatalit in Toscana con particolare attenzione agli asili-nido nel comune di Firenze Hons. 2002mc
1998 The Subversions of Barbara Alberti in "Povera Bambina"and "Vangelo Secondo Maria" M.A. 1998fn