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Theses by Program


This catalogue represents theses held in the collection of the School of Languages, Cultures and Linguistics. It is not a complete list of all theses completed by students of the school.
A complete collection of Master and PhD theses can be found in the Monash University Library (Honours theses are only available through the School.)

Year Title Degree code
2010 The Lexical Behaviour of Language Families: Qualitative Lexicostatistics PhD 2010ko
2009 Attitudes to English Spelling Hons. 2009wm
Discourse functions of demonstratives and place adverbs with exophoric reference in Logea, an Oceanic language of Papua New Guinea PhD 2009dc
Gender Assignment and Word-final Pronunciation in French: Two Classification Systems PhD 2009am
Greeting the browsing customer: service encounter openings and the influence of gender Hons. 2009mr
Playing it Gay: The construction of homosexual identity in the pilot episode of Will & Grace Hons. 2009sd
Staying Together: Kinship, morphology and language change in Yanyuwa Hons. 2009jw
Word rage: An investigation into why 'poor' language use 'justifies homicide' Hons. 2009dk
2008 Little, Great and Not-So-Great Russian: The Minor Literature of Nikolai Gogol PhD 2008sp
2007 Nationalism, Hegemony, Language Politics and Language Marginalization in Postcolonial Zimbabwe PhD 2007nf
Perceptions of speech accomodation of English speaking migrants Hons. 2007fp
Studying online community: New approaches for new communities Hons. 2007dl
Technology and the creation of new words in English Hons. 2007se
The LingTool application. An interface for the production of interlinear morphemic glosses in XML Hons. 2007st
Translation of Nihon kaiga no joseizo (the image og Japanese women in Japanese paintings) by Ikeda Shinobu Hons. 2007sc
Will a süβess sexy girl chattn? English borrowings on a German youth website Hons. 2007gp
2006 Expletives, abusive swearing, euphemism and dysphemism: An examination of taboo language and its functions in Australian television Hons. 2006bm
Giveness, definiteness, and specificity in a language without articles: The use of NP markers in Saliba, an Oceanic language of Papua New Guinea Hons. 2006cj
Indonesian Religious Humour: A cultural and linguistic analysis of religious humour in Indonesia Hons. 2006ce
Indonesian Religious Humour: A cultural and linguistic analysis of religious humour in Indonesia Hons. 2006ce
Intercultural Internet chat between learners of Japanese and English in informal contexts Hons. 2006ps
Primary to secondary transition: What effects does it have on students' motivation to continue LOTE learning beyond the compulsary year level? Hons. 2006fb
The grammar of Wathawurrung: The aboriginal language of the Geelong-Ballarat area Hons. 2006dp
The Grammar of Western Dani PhD 2006bp
The possessive constructions in English Hons. 2006sc
"You have to speak it at least": language and identity maintenance among Australian migrant teenagers PhD 2006wl
2005 Raising children bilingually through the ''one parent-one language approach: A case study of Japanese mothers in the Australian context PhD 2005tm
2004 "You can't come to my birthday party". Preference organisation in young children's adversative discourse. PhD 2004ca
Structural differences in father-child and mother-child conversations Hons. 2004xv
2003 Biliteracy practices of Japanese-English bilingual children in melbourne, Australia. PhD 2003wt
Forensic Speaker Identification PhD 2003pc
Pretending to be someone you're not: a study od second dialect acquisition in australia PhD 2003fa
Syntactic features of the English interlanguage of learners of English as a second language PhD 2003zm
The role of pauses and intonation in understanding the relationship between word order and pragmatics Hons. 2003pa
2002 A Comparison of L1 and L2 Argument Structures in Student Writing Hons. 2002gk
An investigation of discursive practices in police-suspect interviews PhD 2002hg
Aspectual adverbs in wiradjuri. Honours thesis in linguistics Hons. 2002cd
Contact Phenomena between Veneto, Italian and English in the thrid generation in Australia PhD 2002ra
Reference to a Third Person in Sudanese PhD 2002li
The rhetorical organistaion of acedemic texts in english: a comparison of research papers by native speakers of English and Polish PhD 2002gz
The Tai Languages of Assam a grammar and texts PhD 2002ms
2001 Language function in the adult language addresses to young language-delayed children M.A. 2001hp
The dynamic consultation: a discourse-analytical study of doctor-patient communication in Chilean Spanish PhD 2001cm
The Organisation of Pointing Sequences in Parent-Toddler Interaction PhD 2001fa
The punctuation and interpretation of restrictive and non-restrictive relative clauses in Australian and South African wriiten English Hons. 2001hc
Tu, Vos, Usted: Uses of Spanish Address Pronouns in Spain, Canary Islands, Argentina and El Salvador M.A. 2001oa
2000 Feminist language planning and sociolinguistic variation Diploma 2000st
The message or the medium? Issues of faith and language in Ethnic churches PhD 2000wa
Year Title Degree code
1999 International ESL Academic Writing: Lecturer Expectations, Student Perceptions and Written Products. M.A. 1999ml
Politeness and Deference in Korean: A Case Study of Pragmatic Dynamics PhD 1999sg
1998 A Corpus-driven study of Turkish-English Language Contact in Australia. PhD 1998kn
Boko / Busa Language Cluster PhD 1998jr
Investigating text-based social practices: Literacy practices of a church community Hons. 1998fa
Spelling Distorshuns: An investigation into the use of spelling distortions in personalised number plates, brand names, and graffiti. Hons. 1998ba
The lexicon of North Eastern Rural Victoria Hons. 1998kj
The verbal system of the central victorian language, the aboriginal language of melbourne Hons. 1998ms
Vantage theory, Aristotle's categories and linguistic structures Hons. 1998vh
1997 Language dynamics of the Italian community in Australia PhD 1997cf
Participation frameworks, discourse features and embedded requests in police V.A.T.E interviews with children Hons. 1997hg
Pragmatic implicatins of the covergence between East and West Germany PhD 1997kh
Rhetorical Structure Analysis of Specialist and Popularised Medical Review Articles PhD 1997kg
The Code-switching Practices of Teachers of French as a Second Language in Victorian Secondary Schools. Vol I & II PhD 1997gm
1996 An Investigation into Discourse Anaphoric Relations: On The Role Of Contextual Information In Anaphor Resolution. PhD 1996ea
An Investigation into the Linguistic Aspects of Graphemic Abbreviation and the Phonetics and Phonolgy associated with PitmanScript Shorthand Hons. 1996bt
Languages in Contact: Vietnamese-English Code-Switching in Melbourne PhD 1996ht
The Acquisition of Traditional Australian and Modern (mostly American) Colloquialisms by Native and Non-native Speakers of Australian English. Thesis & Appendices Hons. 1996cj
The language of refusals in Sundanese society: a workplace case M.A. 1996ae
The Role of the Saturday School in Latvian Language Maintenance in Melbourne. Hons. 1996la
Third Generation German Language Maintenance in Australia. Case Studies of Six Families with Third Generation Children Ranging in Ages from Four to Nineteen. M.A. 1996me
1995 "An Investigation into the Ethnolect of Australian English Speakers of German Descent in the Western District of Victoria" Hons. 1995es
American-English in Australia: The Role of Age, Attitude and Lifestyle. Hons. 1995mj
Aspects of Second Generation Language Use: An Italo-Australian Case Study Hons. 1995cf
Attitudes of Singaporean Teachers to Features of Educated Singapore English Hons. 1995cc
Perspectives on Greek-Australian media and language Maintenance in Melbourne M.A. 1995pb
The acquisition of noun phrases in two English-German bilingual brothers Hons. 1995ds
1994 A Comparative Study of Indonesian and English Morphology M.A. 1994su
Access to Interpreters in the Small Claims & Residential Tenancies Tribunals Hons. 1994ge
Aesthetic Value and Language: Evaluative Reactions to English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Hokkien. M.A. 1994sc
Attitudes to Knowledge: A Comparative Study of Attribution in ESB and NESB Summaries. M.A. 1994mt
Collaboaration in Intercultural Discourse: Examples from a Multicultural Australian Workplace. PhD 1994nd
Cracking the Code - An Insight into Code-switching and Gender among Second Generation Greek-Australians. PhD 1994tr
Emergent Discourses: The Construction of Gender and Ethnicity in Australian English. PhD 1994wj
Issues in the Syntax of Kikamba: A Bantu Language. PhD 1994ka
Perception and Production Mismatches in Australian and South African English. Hons. 1994nr
The Acquisition of Grammatical Gender in Modern Greek by Second and Third Generation Greek-Australian Bilingual children in Melbourne M.A. 1994ti
The Acquisition of Passives in Bahasa Indonesia by Two-and Three-Year Old Children in Jakarta M.A. 1994se
1993 A Study of the Persuasive Discourse used in Promotional letters and the public's attitude towards this discourse. Hons. 1993ml
An Investigation of the Grammatical Variation in the Use of Stative Verbs among Singaporean Students Studying at Monash University. Hons. 1993ys
Attitudes of Singaporean and Australian Students at Monash University to Features of Educated Singapore English Hons. 1993hm
Conditionals and Counterfactuality in Singaporean English. Hons. 1993zd
Language Attitudes, Ethnicity and Language Maintenance. A Case Study of Second Generation Greek-Australians. Hons. 1993km
The acquisition of German phonology by English speaking school children M.A. 1993wt
The Interpretation and Patterns of Usage of Putatively Non-standard Lexical Items in Written Singapore English amongst Educated Singaporeans. Hons. 1993kc
1992 Nominal Sentences in Modern Hebrew PhD 1992bm
The Acquisition and use of English Verb Patterns by Singapore Students of English. Vol II (Appendices) PhD 1992st
1991 "Bad Girls get Babies...": The Representation of Women in Three Medical Texts. Hons. 1991ha
A phonological comparision of German pronunciation between a native-speaker teacher of German and a class who are learning German as a second language. Hons. 1991wt
A Study Of The Development And Maintenance Of A Second Language By Children In The Family Setting. Hons. 1991sa
Aspects of verb usage in Chinese: the BA- construction PhD 1991ci
Attitudes of Singaporean students at Monash University to putatively Chinese-influenced grammatical features of Singaporean English. Hons. 1991yj
The Black Whole of Words - A study of dictionaries and their users. Hons. 1991vs
The Development of Children's Written Narratives: A Linguistic Perspective. Hons. 1991mh
The retention of Greek among second generation Greek-Australians and how and why they convey the language to the third generation. Some case studies. Hons. 1991tp
Transference Phenomena In The Greek Spoken By Second-Generation Greek-English Bilinguals In Melbourne. Hons. 1991ti
1990 Plain English And The Law. An Investigation Into The Use Of Plain English In The Drafting Of The Draft Credit Bill 1989. Hons. 1990ts
The Function of Questions in Business Negotiation: A Linguistic Approach. Hons. 1990gc
Year Title Degree code
1989 A study on the effect of German language television programmes and videos on German Language Maintenance in Melbourne. Hons. 1989hn
A Universal Typology of Causative Construcations: Functional and Diachronic Perspectives PhD 1989sj
Acquisition of English Syntax by Students from The People's Republic of China: The Use of Articles. M.A. 1989ab
Italian at Spensley Street Primary School. Hons. 1989cr
Italian at Spensley Street Primary School. M.A. 1989cr
Language policy issues at monash university M.A. 1989ol
Liguistic analysis of the speech of autistic individual M.A. 1989sh
Problems that students experience with gender in French. Hons. 1989hn
Sociolinguistic aspects of transference from English to Thai PhD 1989sp
Some Aspects of Modern Irish Morphology. PhD 1989sc
The acquisition of articles and the concept of reference in the English of speakers of English as a Second Language. M.A. 1989jc
The Mental Lexicon: Organization and Access. Some Evidence From Speech Errors. Hons. 1989sj
Variation in Singapore Tamil English PhD 1989sv
Verb errors in spoken english among adult native speakers of German. Hons. 1989ps
1988 An investigation of variables in translation into english by students at udayana university M.A. 1988bn
Cohesion in arrernte discourse M.A. 1988rr
Language Policy Formulation and Implementation: An Historical Perspective on Australian Languages. PhD 1988fe
The Error Analysis of Verbal Inflexions in Written English of Malaysian Secondary School Students. Hons. 1988nn
Turn Exchange in Conversation Hons. 1988mj
1987 Spelling Reform in the English Language as seen by Residents of Melbourne (Appendices Separate) Hons. 1987sj
Acoustic and auditory study of the pronunciation of Japanese by Australian students PhD 1987kt
Language Choice, Language Mixing and Language Attitudes: Indonesians in Australia PhD 1987sb
Nominal affixations in Indonesian: A semantic exploration PhD 1987pj
The Acquisition of English as a Second Language by Native Speakers of Arabic. M.A. 1987ka
The Acquisition of English by Balinese Students M.A. 1987si
The Acquisition of English by Indonesian Students in Medan M.A. 1987z
The acquisition of English structures by students in Taiwan, Roc M.A. 1987ci
The Internal Lexicon: A Neuro-psycholinguistic Puzzle. Hons. 1987dc
1986 A Linguistic Study Of Korean Causative Constructions. Hons. 1986sj
An Investigation Into The Nonmarking For "Past" In Singapore English: A Case Study Using Compositions Written By A Secondary Four Normal Stream Class. Hons. 1986kt
The Acquisition of English Clauses by Vietnamese Refugee Children. PhD 1986fi
The Verb Phrase in Singapore English PhD 1986hm
Variation in Hong Kong English PhD 1986bc
1985 Acquisition Of The Simple English Noun Phrases By Malaysian Secondary School Students: An Error Analysis Of Written Compositions. Hons. 1985pz
Ganai: A Study of the Aboriginal Languages of Gippsland based on 19th Century Materials. M.A. 1985fe
Some Aspects Of Verb Use By Students Of Selected Schools In Kuala Lumpur And A Rural Area Of Selangor. Hons. 1985dn
Story Grammar: Fact, Fiction Or Something In Between? Hons. 1985mm
The Verb In Bahasa Malaysia M.A. Prelim. 1985nl
Tuning-In To Questions: The Intonation Of Questions In British Television Drama. Hons. 1985oz
1984 The Pronunciation of the English Approxilect of Bahasa Malayu Manado Speakers PhD 1984lw
Towards a description of the word in aranda Hons. 1984rr
Uses of Right Dislacation: How the 5-Year-Old Shapes his Speech PhD 1984fs
1983 A Study of Non-Verb-Final Sentences in Colloquial Japanese PhD 1983ms
Code-Switching as a Developmental Phenomenon in Child Bilingual Acquisition M.A. 1983ls
Language Ethnicity and Social Change: A Sociolinuistic Study of Afrikaans-speaking groups in South Africa. PhD 1983nl
Means Of Distinguishing Agent From Patient In Simple Sentences With Special Reference To Japanese. Hons. 1983ns
Modern Hebrew Compounds M.A. 1983bm
The Effect of Ideology on Language Teaching: A Study of the Jewish Day Schools in Melbourne. PhD 1983km
1982 A description of khmu including comparisons with Thai PhD 1982ps
An Outline Grammar of Matutjarra Luritja Hons. 1982ca
Stress in an Indonesian approxilect of English M.A. 1982sd
The Implications of the Rise of Aller + Infinitive as a Periphrastic Future: a Study in Syntax, Semantics, and Language Change. PhD 1982wm
Topicalisation In Bahasa Indonesia. Hons. 1982mj
Trade marks and advertising slogans M.A. 1982sj
1981 A Linguistic Study of the Return of Language in a Homogeneous Group of Aphasic Subjects (Class I Schuell) PhD 1981mm
Baba Malay: The Language of the 'Staits-Born' Chinese. M.A. 1981ls
Jaffna Tamil English: Phonetic Aspects PhD 1981kp
Work Order in Australian Languages. Hons. 1981wd
1980 Indirect objects: a comparative study M.A. 1980ps
Semantic-Syntactic Disparity in English and Other Languages. PhD 1980mp
Some major constructions in Javanese: A lexicase approach PhD 1980ba
South East Asia as a Linguistic Area. Hons. 1980bc
Variation of Vowels Before / 1 / in Melbourne English Hons. 1980gr
Year Title Degree code
1979 Aspects of English AND PhD 1979rb
La Valence Du Verbe En Francais Et En Allemand: Methodes Et Problemes PhD 1979pp
Modality in Malayalam and English Sentence Structure PhD 1979ja
Social Class Differences in Children's Language. PhD 1979de
The Rise of Sinhalese Language Nationalism: A Study in the Sociology of Language. PhD 1979dk
1978 A Study Of The Acquisition And Understanding Of English Kinship Terms. Hons. 1978tv
Aboriginal English M.A. 1978pm
Bound Pronouns in the Romance Languages and the Languages of Australia. Hons. 1978dm
Compound Nouns in Cambodian. M.A. 1978tt
Politeness Strategies in the Speech of Japanese Children Hons. 1978mv
Problems With An S P Subject In Ergative Languages. Hons. 1978sa
The Djaru Language of Kimberley Western Australia. PhD 1978tt
The Semantics of Food, Food-Preparation, Eating and Drinking M.A. 1978de
The west barkly languages: complex morphology PhD 1978cn
Topic and Focus in Tagalog Hons. 1978dc
Verbal Gerund and Kindred Phenomena in English and Other Languages M.A. 1978mp
1977 Before and After Tense. A study in the use of temporal expressions by children becoming bilingual. Hons. 1977kk
Melbourne Aboriginal English: An Investigation into the differences in speech between Aboriginal persons living in Melbourne and Australians of European descent. Hons. 1977fe
Studies in Variation and Multilingualism Research Paper 1977pj
The Growth of Nominalisations in Casual Constructions in Children Hons. 1977sj
Word-Formation in Burmese with Special Reference to Adverbalization M.A. 1977nk
1976 A Cantrastive Study of The Verbal Group In Hebrew and English. M.A. 1976ei
A study of the pronounciation of Chinese by Australian beginners PhD 1976ct
Frequencies of stntactic structures in Australian English, volume 1, 2 and 3 PhD 1976br
Noun Formation in Cambodian. Hons. 1976tt
Stylistic Aspects of Work Order in Sinhala. (Appendices separate) M.A. 1976dd
Syntax ans Semantics in Fillmorean Theory (A Study of Vietnamese Case Grammar) PhD 1976lt
1975 "The maintenance of Modern Greek in Australia" : a study of 5 areas of the maintenance of the greek language (and culture) in modern Australian society Hons. 1975bd
The Noun Phrase in Bengali. PhD 1975gm
1974 A grammar of the Warunju language, North Queensland. M.A. 1974tt
Language Loyalty in the Jewish Community of Melbourne M.A. 1974km
Papers in Australian Aboriginal languages n/a 1974bb
The Definite Article and its Place in the Substantival Phrase in Thucydides Compared with Corresponding Phrases in English M.A. 1974cm
1973 Form and Meaning in Chinese: An Analysis of Mandarin Syntax after the Becker-Platt Model of Tagmemics PhD 1973hj
Sememic and Grammatical Structures in Gurung (Nepal) PhD 1973gw
Some Problems of Language Learning and Translation with Special Reference to Malay and English. M.A. 1973cj
The Use of the Particles "O" and "Go" with Nouns in Modern Standard Japanese Hons. 1973pd
Wahgi Phonology and Morphology M.A. 1973pd
1972 A Description of the Yukulta Language - An Aboriginal Language of North-west Queensland. M.A. 1972ks
Melbourne Spanish: A sociolinguistic study of the influence of the English language of the Spanish spoken by immigrants from Spain living in Melbourne M.A. 1972kg
Pronominalization in English Hons. 1972de
1969 An Acoustic Study of Aspects of Maltese Phonetics (Inan Idiolect) Hons. 1969wg
1968 An elementary pedagogical grammar based on diagrammatic representation of sentence structure Research Paper 1968br
On the Phonological System of Maltese Hons. 1968wg