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Theses by Year

This catalogue represents theses held in the collection of the School of Languages, Cultures and Linguistics. It is not a complete list of all theses completed by students of the school.
A complete collection of Master and PhD theses can be found in the Monash University Library (Honours theses are only available through the School.)


Year Title Program Degree code
1974 "Puisi Baru": The Emergence of a Non-Traditional Malay Poetry in Pre-War Indonesia. 1920-1942 Indonesian PhD 1974fk
A grammar of the Warunju language, North Queensland. Linguistics M.A. 1974tt
An Analysis of Tokyo's Housing Problem and Prerequisites to a Solution with Particular Emphasis on Public Housing Japanese Hons. 1974fs
An Investigation of the Differentiation by Nuance and Role of Nihon and Nippon in Contemporary Japan Japanese Hons. 1974pe
Eight Contemporary Japanese Print Artists Japanese Hons. 1974kj
Growing Old in Japan Japanese Hons. 1974ns
Japanese Society After Defeat Japanese Hons. 1974cj
Language Loyalty in the Jewish Community of Melbourne Linguistics M.A. 1974km
Papers in Australian Aboriginal languages Linguistics n/a 1974bb
Problems and Wants of Contemporary Japanese Women their Situation in Work and Marriage Japanese M.A. 1974sa
Problems of Contemporary Japanese Women Japanese M.A. 1974wa
The Abortion Issue in Japan Today Japanese Hons. 1974be
The Bequeathing of the Values of 1945 and its Relevance to the Indonesian Army in the 1980's. Indonesian Hons. 1974tm
The Content of Chairil Anwar's Poetry. Asian Studies M.A. 1974ia
The Definite Article and its Place in the Substantival Phrase in Thucydides Compared with Corresponding Phrases in English Linguistics M.A. 1974cm
The early period of russian symbolism Slavic PhD 1974zj
The Japanese Remuneration System Japanese Hons. 1974bi
1973 Comparative Study of Women's Problems in Japan and Australia Japanese Hons. 1973dg
Form and Meaning in Chinese: An Analysis of Mandarin Syntax after the Becker-Platt Model of Tagmemics Linguistics PhD 1973hj
La Nouvelle Heloise - A Study of Love and Morality French M.A. 1073np
L'Évolution de l'idéal de la mission civilisatrice: L'Experience francaise en afrique occidentale au 19è siècle French M.A. 1973ln
Perkembangan Fiksyen Melayu Dari Hikayat Kepada Novel. (The Development of Malay Fiction From Romances to the Novel) Asian Studies M.A. 1973iy
Sememic and Grammatical Structures in Gurung (Nepal) Linguistics PhD 1973gw
Some Problems of Language Learning and Translation with Special Reference to Malay and English. Linguistics M.A. 1973cj
The Accommodation of Japanese Sojourner Children to their Host Cultures Japanese Hons. 1973bl
The Use of the Particles "O" and "Go" with Nouns in Modern Standard Japanese Japanese, Linguistics Hons. 1973pd
Value - creators and their unmaskers French M.A. 1973sk
Wahgi Phonology and Morphology Linguistics M.A. 1973pd
1972 A Comparison of English and Japanese Japanese Hons. 1972sj
A Description of the Yukulta Language - An Aboriginal Language of North-west Queensland. Linguistics M.A. 1972ks
Gift-Giving at Marriage in Japan Japanese Hons. 1972ta
Japanese Women Doctors and Role Conflict-Problems in the Co-existence of Profession and Family Japanese Hons. 1972sw
La correspondance de Bussy - Rabutin entre 1666 et 1669 French M.A. 1972hg
On the problem of genre in the light of the portrayal of the hero in I.E Babel's "Red Cavalry" Slavic M.A. 1972md
Melbourne Spanish: A sociolinguistic study of the influence of the English language of the Spanish spoken by immigrants from Spain living in Melbourne Linguistics M.A. 1972kg
Modernization and the 'Fragmentation' of the Ie Japanese Hons. 1972hb
Parent-Child Relationships within the Japanese Home - A Study of Only - Child Families in Tokyo Japanese Hons. 1972mr
Pronominalization in English Linguistics Hons. 1972de
Some Problems of Networks in Contemporary Japanese Communication Japanese M.A. 1972hs
Some reflexes of the Indo-European Laryngeals in the Slav Prosodic paradigms Slavic PhD 1972sr
The Situation of the Artist in Japan Today Japanese Hons. 1972ll
The Teaching of French Literature at the University of Sydney 1887-1955 Vol 1-2 French M.A. 1972km
Tvorchestvo Anny Akhmatovoj I Tragichnost V Nem Slavic Hons. 1972ro
1971 A Cursory Study of the Word Components [Te] [Ta] & [Shu] with Special Reference to Metaphor and Word Formation Japanese Hons. 1971bt
Aspects of German intonation - Fundamental frequency variations associated with stress and juncures in a sample of German speech German M.A. 1971bd
ideyo-esteticheskije osnovy tvorchestva brjusova dorevolutsionnogo perioda 1890-1905 Slavic PhD 1971zj
Shakespeare in Japan Japanese Hons. 1971wm
Some Remarks on Two Japanese Pronouns Japanese Hons. 1971bm
stixotvornye poslanija N.M jazykova Slavic M.A. 1971li
Teaching of Foreign Languages in Elementary Schools Japanese Hons. 1971md
The Imperial Rescript of Education (Kyoiku Ni Kan Suru Chokugo) Japanese M.A. Prelim. 1971nn
The Teaching of Characters in Japanese Schools Japanese Hons. 1971mh
1970 Communications in Japan Telegrams Japanese Hons. 1970tw
Communications in Japan: The Telephone Japanese Hons. 1970de
Japanese Business Letters: Forms and Language Japanese Hons. 1970km
Japanese Press Coverage of Australian News Japanese Hons. 1970mv
L'ironie tragique dans l'oeuvre de Racine French M.A. 1970bs
Relevance of Traditional Value System to A Modern Japanese Commercial High School Japanese Hons. 1970df
Tristan In Brittany And Isolt Of The Whitehands French M.A. 1970tw
1969 An Acoustic Study of Aspects of Maltese Phonetics (Inan Idiolect) Linguistics Hons. 1969wg
Analysis of Errors in French Composition French M.A. 1969mj
1968 An elementary pedagogical grammar based on diagrammatic representation of sentence structure Linguistics Research Paper 1968br
Lépuration dans Combat Periode du 21 aout1944 au 17 janvier 1947 French M.A. 1968In
On the Phonological System of Maltese Linguistics Hons. 1968wg
1967 "The Poetry of Sitor Situmorang" Indonesian Hons. 1967lm
Some trends in the post Brechtean drama of West Germany German PhD 1967tr