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Theses by Year


This catalogue represents theses held in the collection of the School of Languages, Cultures and Linguistics. It is not a complete list of all theses completed by students of the school.
A complete collection of Master and PhD theses can be found in the Monash University Library (Honours theses are only available through the School.)

Year Title Program Degree code
1984 Les Visages Du Pouvoir Dans Le Thtre D'Adamov French Hons. 1984ps
Sundanese - A Syntactical Analysis. Asian Studies M.A. 1984hr
The Function of Characters, and Historical Discourse in Propaganda:- An Analysis of Ishak Bin Haji Mohammad's "Dolly:- Bidadari Dari Shanghai". Asian Studies Hons. 1984gh
Musico Poetic Relationships In the Duparc-Baudelaire Settings French Hons. 1984sf
The Pronunciation of the English Approxilect of Bahasa Malayu Manado Speakers Linguistics PhD 1984lw
Towards a description of the word in aranda Linguistics Hons. 1984rr
Trade Barriers and Japan's Import Procedures Japanese Hons. 1984oj
Transfer of Tradition Japanese M.A. Prelim. 1984an
Uses of Right Dislacation
How the 5-Year-Old Shapes his Speech
Linguistics PhD 1984fs
1983 A Study of Automotive Technical Terminology in Japanese Japanese Hons. 1983cm
A Study of Non-Verb-Final Sentences in Colloquial Japanese Linguistics PhD 1983ms
Cocos malay Syntax.
The Basic Clause Constructions of Cocos Malay. (A Pilot Study)
Asian Studies Hons. 1983la
Code-Switching as a Developmental Phenomenon in Child Bilingual Acquisition Linguistics M.A. 1983ls
Intra-Company Tsukiai: The Case of the Japanese White-Collar Worker Japanese Hons. 1983bs
Kyoiku Kanji: An Error Analysis of the Results of a Test of 119 Kyoiku Kanji Done by Japanese School Children and Australian University Students Japanese Hons. 1983fi
Language Ethnicity and Social Change: A Sociolinuistic Study of Afrikaans-speaking groups in South Africa. Linguistics PhD 1983nl
Loanwords in Melbourne Japanese Japanese M.A. 1983mh
Means Of Distinguishing Agent From Patient In Simple Sentences With Special Reference To Japanese. Linguistics Hons. 1983ns
Modern Hebrew Compounds Linguistics M.A. 1983bm
Pramoedya Ananta Toer: Anak Syah Humanisme. Indonesian Hons. 1983sp
Shinto Shrines and Ceremonies Japanese Hons. 1983fd
Strategies of Sex-Role Identification in Japanese. (Appendix iii - Tapes of Interviews - Preliminary Transcriptions of Interview - held separately) Japanese Hons. 1983je
The Butsudan and Kamidana in a Changing Society Japanese Hons. 1983dm
The Effect of Ideology on Language Teaching: A Study of the Jewish Day Schools in Melbourne. Linguistics PhD 1983km
The Japanese Staff Training System in the Hotel Industry Japanese Hons. 1983yk
The Javanese Women: Reflections of the Past and Present in Modern Indonesian Literature. Indonesian Hons. 1983cd
The Marketing of Australian Win in Japan Japanese Hons. 1983bp
The non-predicative phrase in East Slav: A constrastive study Slavic M.A. 1983hm
The Prose Poetry of Marguerite Yourcenar: "Feux" French M.A. 1983wn
The Urban Development and Policy of Tokyo: Looking Towards the 21st Century Japanese Hons. 1983sa
1982 A description of khmu including comparisons with Thai Linguistics PhD 1982ps
An Outline Grammar of Matutjarra Luritja Linguistics Hons. 1982ca
Commuting Problems - A Case Study of Tokyo Japanese Hons. 1982ms
Good Books, Bad Books, Banned Books. Literature, Politics and the Pre-war Indonesian Novel. Indonesian M.A. 1982tp
Japanese Response Signals Japanese M.A. 1982fn
Japanese Working Holiday Makers in Australia Japanese Hons. 1982se
Language Problems of Japanese Children in the Classroom Situation Japanese M.A. 1982km
Obsch obzor dramaturgecheskich proizvedeni I.S Turgeneva Slavic Hons. 1982dr
Stress in an Indonesian approxilect of English Linguistics M.A. 1982sd
Stroke Order of Chinese Characters: An Error Analysis Japanese M.A. Prelim. 1982km
Syair Raja Muda Perlis - A Malay version of an episode from the Ramayana. Asian Studies M.A. 1982tn
The Implications of the Rise of Aller + Infinitive as a Periphrastic Future: a Study in Syntax, Semantics, and Language Change. Linguistics PhD 1982wm
The Long-Term Sugar Contract Dispute Japanese Hons. 1982fm
The Modernization of Ryokan Japanese Hons. 1982pa
The topos of the inexpressible. Poetic argumentation in Tieck, Novalis and Hoffmann German M.A. 1982pm
To Smoke Or Not to Smoke in Japan Japanese Hons. 1982dc
Topicalisation In Bahasa Indonesia. Linguistics Hons. 1982mj
Trade marks and advertising slogans Linguistics M.A. 1982sj
Yanagi Soetsu and the Folk Craft Movement Japanese M.A. 1982kj
1981 A Linguistic Study of the Return of Language in a Homogeneous Group of Aphasic Subjects (Class I Schuell) Linguistics PhD 1981mm
A Study of Arranged Marriages in Japan and India Japanese Hons. 1981ga
Baba Malay: The Language of the 'Staits-Born' Chinese. Linguistics M.A. 1981ls
Jaffna Tamil English: Phonetic Aspects Linguistics PhD 1981kp
Music Education in Japanese Primary Schools Japanese Hons. 1981pk
'Nara'-Conditional in Contemporary Japanese Japanese M.A. 1981on
Onomatopoeia in Japanese Language Teaching Japanese M.A. 1981km
Pronouns and Anaphoric Processes French M.A. 1981ka
Sade Et Le Materialisme Francais Au XVIIIE Siecle French M.A. 1981tf
The Role of Japanese Language Assistants in the Teaching of Japanese in Victorian State High Schools Japanese M.A. Prelim. 1981at
The Treatment of Foreign Countries in Japanese Lower Secondary School Social Studies Japanese Hons. 1981me
Work Order in Australian Languages. Linguistics Hons. 1981wd
1980 A study in the themes and motifs in the early works of Zinaida Hippius 1890-1905 Slavic M.A. 1980ze
An Analysis of Tone Errors of Australian Students Japanese M.A. Prelim. 1980lj
Christians in Japan Japanese Hons. 1980gk
Conflict in a Japanese Factory Japanese Hons. 1980wp
Elements of symbolism and ornamentalism in the works of Bunin 1911-1945 French M.A. 1980te
French in Japan Japanese Hons. 1980lv
Indirect objects: a comparative study Linguistics M.A. 1980ps
Japanese Attitudes to the American Occupation Japanese Hons. 1980cj
Language and Form in Mas Marco Kartodikromo's Novel - Student Hidjo. Asian Studies Hons. 1980jm
Language Use and Linguistic Theory: Sex-Related Variation in Japanese Syntax Japanese PhD 1980sj
Letter-Writing in Japanese, Appendix 6.2: Sample of Japanese Letters Japanese Hons. 1980fs
Lexical Errors in the Japanese of English-Speaking Learners Japanese M.A. Prelim. 1980sa
Semantic-Syntactic Disparity in English and Other Languages. Linguistics PhD 1980mp
Sex Discrimination in the Japanese School System Japanese Hons. 1980lc
Some major constructions in Javanese: A lexicase approach Linguistics PhD 1980ba
South East Asia as a Linguistic Area. Linguistics Hons. 1980bc
The effect of mixed marriage on language shift in the Dutch community in Australia German M.A. 1980pa
The Suzuki Method of Music Education Japanese Hons. 1980hc
Time and Order in Iwan Simatupang's Merahnya Merah. Indonesian Hons. 1980bp
Towards a Feminist Analysis of Mizoguchi Films Japanese M.A. Prelim. 1980ff
Variation of Vowels Before / 1 / in Melbourne English Linguistics Hons. 1980gr
Women's Magazines in Japan Japanese Hons. 1980pb