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Lok Sabha Election Results

The Monash Asia Institute has converted all Lok Sabha election results for 1967 to 1999 into Excel Spreadsheets. The data was originally sourced from Adobe Acrobat files on the website of the Indian Electoral Commission. The data provides information by each constituency on the following criteria:

Name of winning politician Name of political party
Gender of politician Name of Indian State

The Monash Asia Institute, as part of the Internationalising South Asian Scholarly Data project has undertaken a pilot project to show how these spreadsheets can be developed into maps. The sample maps detail election results in the Lok Sabha from 1989 to 1999 for two political parties: the BJP and Shiv Senna.

Lok Sabha Election Results 1989 to 1999

Description View View
Lok Sabha 1989 Map Spreadsheet
Lok Sabha 1991 Map Spreadsheet
Lok Sabha 1996 Map Spreadsheet
Lok Sabha 1998 Map Spreadsheet
Lok Sabha 1999 Map Spreadsheet
Lok Sabha 1999 Gender Map Spreadsheet

State Assembly Election Data:

The Monash Asia Institute has also converted all the State Assembly election data into Excel spreadsheets from which user friendly maps can be generated.

Citation and Copyright

You are welcome to use the information on this website but please provide the following citation: "Indian Election Data from the Indian Electoral Commission as per the SouthAsiaNet at the Monash Asia Institute, Please contact the Monash Asia Institute if you would like further information on Indian election results or if you wish to obtain maps based on the available data.