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South Asia Net Resources

South Asia Websites
Databases that allows you to specify criteria and search for South Asia related websites. Search via country focus, subject. Locate South Asia research institutes and associations.
South Asia Resources Database
Database containing over 120,000 books, serials, archive collections and ephemera about South Asia available in Australia and 150,000 records of South Asian materials not known held in Australia. This service allow scholars to identify items which they may then be able to obtain via Inter Library Loan.
South Asia Databases
A listing of online databases that where you can search for South Asia related research materials.
1891 Indian Census
The General Report on the Census of India for 1891 is a fascinating account of India at the height of British power in South Asia. It contains data on Indian; geography, politics, population, occupations, ethnography, language, race, caste, tribe, literacy, infirmities and sex and age distribution. It is far from a simple dry collection of statistics and it includes lots of anecdotal details which give a vivid picture of India in the late 19th century.
South Asian Study Associations
Network and collaborate with other scholars, recieve South Asia related newsletters and join discussion groups.
The electronic cultural atlas iniative (ECAI) combines global mapping, imagery, and texts. It presents complex combinations of data from multiple disciplines visually and immediately.