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Finding Family in Photographs

The photographs in the first section of this short film are all people related to Michael Aird.

The three women are sisters: Katie, Lilly & Clara. Their studio portrait was taken on the 24 November 1924. These women are the aunties of Michael's Grandfather.

The portrait of John Graham was taken in 1905, and he is Michael's grandmother's brother.

The photograph of the young men sitting in the tree was taken on North Stradbroke Island, around 1900: the men are Richard Dalton, Thomas Dalton and Bert Levinge with Harry Lea at rear. Bert married Michael's grandmother's sister.

The portrait of Katie Williams (who appears with her sisters in the earlier image) was taken in 1924.

The final two images in the film feature Rosie Campbell. Michael Aird worked closely with some of Rosie's descendants, who were very happy to discover photographs of such an important member of their family.