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Looking at Photographs, Seeing People

The photograph used in this short film is located in the National Library of Australia collection (Bib ID, 2418159). Although we obtained permission from the National Library, we are still seeking the comment and participation of descendants and Indigenous communities.

The people in this image are believed to be from Durundur Station in Queensland. The photograph was taken by John Watson in 1867 in Brisbane.

We believe we have determined the names of the people that appear in this photograph, as follows:

In the back row (left to right): Nudla Crowe, Nicker, Micky, Tundarum, Weerum, King Buckner, Lucy Bob. Seated in the front row (the two women in the video thumbnail above) are Nancy and Maria.

We welcome community responses to this photograph, and to the film. We are very interested in hearing from and/or collaborating with descendants to learn more about the people in this photograph.