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Academic Programs Offered from Multiple Campuses University Policy University Procedure
Faculty Procedure
Multicampus report (stand-alone form)
Alternative Arrangements for Assessment     Information
Assessment of Coursework University Policy
Faculty Policy
University Procedure
Faculty Procedure
Blind Marking of Examinations     Information
Board of Examiners Faculty Policy Faculty Procedure

Board of Examiners Dates and Guidelines
Chief Examiner's Report
School Board of Examiners Report

Chief Examiner Faculty Policy    
Course Completion     Information - Undergraduate
Information - Honours
Information - Postgraduate
Sessional Staff and Marking Rate Faculty Policy    
Examinations     Information - Students
Information - Staff (staff only)
Examinations - in house Faculty Policy    
Examinations - request to sit overseas     Information
Extensions to Assessment Deadline Faculty Policy Faculty Procedure  
Grade Distribution Faculty Policy    
Grading Scale University Policy University Procedure  
Graduation     Information
Group Project Work Faculty Policy    
Late Assessment Submission Faculty Policy    
Online Submission of Assignments Faculty Policy    
Oral Assessment Faculty Policy    
Review and Remarking of Assessment Faculty Policy Faculty Procedure  
Special Consideration University Policy University Procedure Information
Supplementary Assessment Faculty Policy Faculty Procedure Application Form
Tutorial Attendance Faculty Policy    
Variation to Study Requirements     Information - Undergraduate
Information - Postgraduate
Verification of Fail Grades Faculty Policy