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Teaching and Learning Management Policy and Procedures

Academic and Administrative Complaints and Grievances Policy Coursework Procedure
HDR Procedure
Academic Calendar and Semesters Policy    
Academic Roles Policy Procedure  
Collaborative Coursework Arrangements Policy    
Collaborative Coursework Arrangements - Articulation and Credit Transfer Agreements   Procedure  
Collaborative Coursework Arrangements - Dual Award and Joint Degree Programs   Procedure  
Collaborative Coursework Arrangements - Licensing of Curriculum   Procedure  
Collaborative Coursework Arrangements - Transnational Delivery of Courses and Units   Procedure  
Course and Unit Handbook Policy Procedure  
Duty Statement - Education Coordinator Information*
Educational Development Framework Policy    
Educational Technology Policy
Monash Graduate Attributes Policy    
Recognition of Excellence Policy Procedure Information*
Role of the Faculty Honours Convener Policy*    
Role of the Faculty GPG Convener Policy*    
Sessional Academic Induction to Learning and Teaching   Procedure  
Student International Travel for Study Policy Procedure  
Teaching in a Language Other than English Policy    
Timetabling and Teaching Times Policy Procedure Information*
Unit Guide Policy Policy Procedure Guidelines*
Vacation Scholarships Policy Procedure

* Indicates a Faculty of Arts policy, procedure or information.