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Extension to Assessment Deadline Policy


Purpose To give a student the opportunity to apply for an extension.
  • Faculty of Arts on all campuses
  • all undergraduate and graduate/postgraduate coursework programs
  • all Arts staff and Arts coursework students
Policy Statement

The Faculty of Arts recognises that the management of deadlines is an important aspect of learning and teaching. A student can apply to the unit coordinator for an extension of 2 calendar days for short-term illness, unforeseen employment obligations or family circumstances which would not require any documentation. Approval of the application is at the discretion of the unit coordinator.

Please note: For extensions of 3 or more calendar days, or for sudden illness and unforeseen circumstances affecting final pieces of assessment or exams, Special Consideration should be sought.

Students registered with Monash Sport’s Elite Athlete Support Program are also eligible for special consideration, as are students who are able to demonstrate relevant obligations to military or jury service, or to emergency services (e.g., Country Fire Authority).

Students suffering from chronic illness or long-term disability are eligible for alternative assessment arrangements which can be arranged by registering with the University's Disability Liaison Unit.

Supporting procedures Extension to Assessment Deadline Procedures
Responsibility for implementation Dean
Associate Dean (Education)
Associate Dean (Graduate Studies)
Heads of Schools
Unit Coordinators
All staff and students
Status Revised 7.1
Approval body Faculty Board of the Faculty of Arts
Meeting number: 07/13
Meeting date: 31 October 2013
Agenda item:4.3
Endorsement Body Arts Education Committee
Meeting number: 05/2013
Meeting date:
Agenda item:
Related Policies Late Assessment Submission
Special Consideration
Date Effective 3 November 2011
Next Review Date 2016
Policy Owner Faculty of Arts
Policy Author Associate Dean (Education)
Contact Faculty of Arts Arts Coursework Office