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Honours Study Abroad Policy

  • Faculty of Arts on all campuses
  • all Honours programs
  • all Arts staff
  • all Honours students
Policy Statement
  1. Where possible, Honours candidates going on study abroad/exchange should undertake coursework units to the value of 24 credit points in their first semester of enrolment. Only where Disciplines offers fourth year (Honours) units to the value of 6 credit points, can Honours students undertake coursework units to a value less than 24 credit points. Exchange/study abroad students are expected to return to Monash as soon as practicable to complete their thesis on-campus.
  2. Where it can be demonstrated that the host institution semester dates do not comply with the Monash academic calendar the Honours Convenor will approve requests to extend the period of candidature to three semesters.
  3. In special circumstances, Honours candidates will be permitted to undertake a coursework unit and part of their thesis overseas in their first semester of enrolment. Candidates and the School/Discipline Honours Coordinator will be required to make a special case in writing to the Honours Convenor (at least 2 months before departure) detailing the nature of the research; the supervision arrangement (an external and internal supervisor must be appointed) and host institution experience. Further, the external supervisor must be provided with the Monash guidelines for supervision and agree to forward a mid-term progress report before the commencement of the second semester of study. Candidates who receive approval to commence their thesis overseas will not be permitted to substantially change their thesis topic once they have enrolled at their host institution.
  4. An Honours candidate applying for Study Abroad must submit an Honours application to the Honours Coordinator (Discipline or School). The application, which includes a study plan, must be signed by the Honours Coordinator and approved by the Honours Convenor.
  5. Schools/Centres are required to grade the work of the returning Honours students within a reasonable timeframe. Amendments to results are to be sent through the Faculty office. If the result is not satisfactory then the School Honours Coordinator must counsel the student on course progression or alternatives and liaise with the Faculty Honours Executive Officer if amendments to enrolment are required.
Supporting procedures  
Responsibility for implementation Dean
Associate Dean (Education)
Associate Dean (Graduate Studies)
Heads of Schools
Unit Coordinators
Honours Coordinators
Status Revised
Approval body Faculty Board of the Faculty of Arts
Meeting number: 4/09
Meeting date: 19 November 2009
Agenda item: 5.1
Endorsement Body Education and Student Experience Committee
Meeting number: 5/09
Meeting date: 4 November 2009
Agenda item: 7.2
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Date Effective 1 January 2010
Next Review Date  2012
Policy Owner Faculty of Arts
Policy Author Associate Dean (Education)
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