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Role of the School ESEC Representative

  • Faculty of Arts on all campuses
  • all ESEC representatives
Policy Statement The School ESEC Representative is a key academic advisor within each School and within the Faculty, in relation to the Education and Student Experience Committee and its sub-committees/working parties, providing academic leadership in education and ensuring the efficiency of the administrative processes to support it at a school level. The School ESEC Representative:
  • Attends relevant faculty-level education committees (particularly ESEC) and is responsible for disseminating information within schools on policies and development;
  • Reports to ESEC on school initiatives;
  • Provides expert advice and guidance on policies and procedures to school colleagues involved in the process of course and unit development;
  • Provides expert advice and guidance to their school staff, particularly new staff, on relevant faculty policies and procedures in relation to teaching and learning;
  • >li>Provides advice to both academics and students in grievance cases and disciplinary matters, and ensures that compliance requirements and equity, as well as administrative-related issues, are met in the process;
  • Chairs/participates in the school’s education/teaching committee/meetings;
  • Contributes to the development of faculty policy and teaching culture by participation in relevant committees/working parties;
  • Reviews all submissions of unit proposals and amendments in their school and ensures that they meet faculty and university compliance requirements;
  • Provides final sign-off on the unit offerings prior to submission to the faculty;
  • In conjunction with the Head of School and School Education Committee and other relevant university bodies, works to promote curriculum review, to foster and develop new curriculum initiatives; and to monitor and improve the school’s performance in teaching and learning;
  • Advises the Head of School regarding nominations for teaching awards and commendations;
  • Assists the Head of School in reporting back to the faculty on unit evaluations;
  • Works with school administrative staff to ensure that student services and administrative procedures work efficiently and effectively to support the school’s educational objectives;
  • Subsequent to the developments and outcomes relating to strategic directions and teaching initiatives at the faculty and university levels, supports and promotes these schemes within Schools accordingly.
Supporting procedures  
Responsibility for implementation ESEC Representatives
Heads of Schools
Status New
Approval body Faculty Board of the Faculty of Arts
Meeting number: 2/09
Meeting date: 4 June 2009
Agenda item: 7.1
Endorsement Body Education and Student Experience Committee of the Faculty of Arts
Meeting number: 2/09
Meeting date: 6 May 2009
Agenda item: 17
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Date Effective 20 July 2009
Next Review Date 2012
Policy Owner Faculty of Arts
Policy Author Associate Dean (Education)
Contact Faculty of Arts Secretariat