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Supplementary Exams Policy

  • Faculty of Arts on all campuses
  • all undergraduate and graduate/postgraduate coursework programs
  • all Arts staff
  • all Arts students
Policy Statement

The faculty does not permit students enrolled in a course which it offers or administers to sit a supplementary examination in any Arts unit it teaches.

However, the faculty does permit Arts students to sit a supplementary examination in a unit taught by another faculty if the non-Arts faculty permits a supplementary examination in the unit and if the student fulfils that faculty's criteria of eligibility for a supplementary examination in the unit.

Supporting procedures  
Responsibility for implementation Dean
Associate Dean (Education)
Associate Dean (Graduate Studies)
Heads of Schools
Unit Coordinators
Approval body  
Endorsement Body  
Related Policies  
Date Effective  
Next Review Date  
Policy Owner Faculty of Arts
Policy Author Associate Dean (Education)
Contact Faculty of Arts Arts Coursework Office