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Tutorial Attendance Policy


Class attendance is a vital aspect of the learning and teaching process in the Faculty of Arts. In order to ensure effective learning, students must complete the minimum attendance requirements.
  • Faculty of Arts on all campuses
  • all on-campus units
  • Faculty of Arts on all campuses
  • all undergraduate and graduate/postgraduate coursework programs
  • all Arts staff and Arts coursework students
Policy Statement

In general, the Faculty of Arts has a minimum tutorial/seminar attendance requirement of 75% as part of each unit (that will generally be at least 9 weeks of class throughout the semester).

In addition, unit coordinators may opt for awarding a grade for tutorial participation; expectations for participation must also be clearly specified in the unit guide.

Students unable to attend class are required to lodge an apology via e-mail or telephone. Should a student fail to fulfil the attendance requirements of a unit, one of the following outcomes may be applied:

  • fail the unit
  • penalty of 20% deduction from final mark
  • 50% pass only possible for final unit result.


Supporting procedures  
Responsibility for implementation Dean
Associate Dean (Education)
Associate Dean (Graduate Studies)
Heads of Schools
Unit Coordinators
All staff and students
Status Revised
Approval body Faculty Board of the Faculty of Arts
Meeting number: 1/12
Meeting date: 21 March 2012
Agenda item: 4
Endorsement Body Education and Student Experience Committee of the Faculty of Arts
Meeting number: 1/12
Meeting date: 22 February 2012
Agenda item: 3
Related Policies Special Consideration Policy
Date Effective Original: 1 March 2010 Revised: Semester 2, 2012
Next Review Date 2015
Policy Owner Faculty of Arts
Policy Author Associate Dean (Education)
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