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Arts Academic Progress Information

Early Warning Letters

Students who have failed one or more units in the last semester may be sent an Early Warning Letter. If you receive an Early Warning Letter it means you must take action to improve your academic performance.

The purpose of this letter is to:

  • Notify you of the academic progress rules of the Faculty;
  • Warn you that you may be at risk of breaching the Faculty’s academic progress rules at the end of the year;
  • Inform you about the free support services available to you from the Faculty and the University;
  • Encourage you to seek help to improve your academic performance immediately.

How to Respond to your Early Warning Letter

If you receive an Early Warning Letter it is essential that you act on it. You must make an appointment with a course advisor or an Arts Student Progress Officer. You can book an appointment here.

Alternatively, you can send an enquiry via Monash Connect or 99026011.

At this appointment we will discuss the reasons why you have failed units and decide on the steps you will take to improve your academic performance next semester.

It is also recommended that you make time to:

  • Discuss any study difficulties you are experiencing with your unit coordinator, lecturer or tutor. These staff members can assist you in identifying your problem areas and explore the options available to you in the course.
  • Contact the Arts Academic Language and Learning Unit where you can receive assistance with study methods, language skills and work presentation.
  • Seek assistance from the University Counselling Service if you think your personal or other issues, e.g. motivation, adjustment to university, or self-confidence, may be affecting your level of academic achievement.

Early Warning letter flyers

Student Rights
Arts Academic Language and Learning Unit
Library Learning Skills
Monash Postgraduate Association
Peer Assisted Study Sessions
SMART Program

End of Year: Unsatisfactory Academic Progress

At the end of each year, a review is conducted of the academic performance of all students enrolled in degrees managed by the Faculty of Arts. Over a one-year period, your academic performance is considered unsatisfactory when:

  • Including at least two semesters of enrolment, you have failed more than 50% of your enrolled units; or
  • You have failed the same compulsory unit twice; or
  • You have failed to comply with any terms or conditions imposed by the Faculty Board under Section 5 of the Statute or by an Academic Progress Committee of the Faculty.

What will happen if you fail to meet the Faculty of Arts Progress Rules?

If, after the publication of results at the end of the year, you have not met the Faculty’s progress rules, you will be asked to respond to the Notice of Referral and Hearing letter by returning a Student Response Form (View sample). This Notice will be sent to you by the Arts Academic Progress Committee

How to respond to your Notice of Referral and Hearing

It is crucial that you complete and return your Student Response Form by the due date indicated. It is your chance to explain why you should not be excluded from your course.

Student Response Checklist

  1. Read the Notice of Referral and Hearing – that has been emailed to your Monash student email account

    You are strongly advised to seek advice from a Student Rights Officer in preparing your response.

  2. Complete the Student Response Form

    You must complete the Student Response Form as directed in the Notice of Referral and Hearing letter and submit your response by the deadline.

  3. Ensure your correspondence address is correct at all times and collect any mail sent to that address

    Student contact details (WES)

  4. Check your Monash Email Account regularly

  5. Ensure you are available to attend a hearing by the Academic Progress Committee during January-March 2014.

Student Rights Officers

You can obtain independent advocacy, advice and assistance from Student Rights Officers. Student Rights Officers can assist you in your written response, in preparing for a possible hearing, and accompanying you to a hearing.

Decisions of the Faculty's Academic Progress Committee

The Faculty’s Academic Progress Committee may decide to:

  • Permit you to continue your studies with a caution (provided you have met the administrative requirements for re-enrolment for the following year)
  • Permit you to continue your studies on a condition (provided you have met the administrative requirements for re-enrolment for the following year)
  • Exclude you from undertaking any course of study in the Faculty

What if you are excluded by the Faculty of Arts?

Students who have been excluded by their Faculty can appeal the Faculty’s decision, however the grounds on which an appeal can be lodged are limited. For details:

Postal Address & Not Receiving Notices

Failure to receive university notices is not accepted as the basis for an appeal against exclusion.

If you expect to be unable to access your usual postal address during December, January or February, you must provide the University with a postal address at which you can be contacted during this period.

It is a requirement of your enrolment that Monash University has your current postal address at all times.

You can update your postal address on the Web Enrolment System.

APC Contact Details

Berwick, Caulfield and Clayton campuses
Arts Student Services
First floor, North Wing
Building 11
Faculty of Arts
Monash University
Ph: +61 3 9902 6011
Fax: +61 3 9905 2120
Online enquiry:

Gippsland campus
Room 204, Building 1S
School of Applied Media and Social Sciences
Monash University
Northways Road
Ph: +61 3 9902 6339
Fax: +61 3 9902 6359

Malaysia campus
Monash University
Jalan Lagoon Selatan,
Bandar Sunway, 46150,
Selangor Darul Ehsan,
Ph: IDD +60 3 5514 6000
Fax: IDD +60 3 5514 6001

South Africa campus
Monash South Africa
Private Bag x60
Roodepoort 1725
Ph: IDD +27 11 950 4080
Fax: IDD +27 11 950 4004


Policy & Procedure

The Monash Academic Progress website with all the information you need to understand the unsatisfactory academic progress process and to assist you if you must show cause.

Academic Progress Committee Procedure


Exclusion for Unsatisfactory Academic Progress

Statute 6.2


What can you do?

Below you can find details and links to a range of support services available at Monash University.

Academic Progress Concerns

Monash Counselling Services has a detailed website dedicated to academic progress concerns and dealing with the unsatisfactory academic progress process, See Academic Progress Concerns

Arts Academic Language & Learning Help

Contact the Arts Academic Language and Learning Unit where you can receive assistance with study methods, language skills and work presentation.

Student life and support services

For everything from academic support to counselling to financial aid, access Student life and support services.

Student Rights Officers

Contact a Student Rights Officer for independent advice and advocacy.