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Guidelines for 2014 Unit Guides

Unit Guides are MANDATORY for all offered units* and the Faculty requires all Unit Coordinators to submit their completed unit guides by Monday of the week prior to the start of semester.

2014 dates:

Submitting your Unit Guide

Normally, Unit Guides are to be submitted using the online Unit Guide Editor.

Unit Guides submitted using the online editor will be published to students on the Arts Unit Guides webpage in Orientation week. NB: students must have a Monash authcate to access the webpage; all students receive an authcate when they first enrol with Monash.

Language units and other units not using the online editor

The University’s template can also be downloaded from, but it will not be pre-populated with previous content or Arts-specific information; font will also need to be changed to Arial.

Unit Guides submitted to Arts Publisher Support will be published to students on the Arts Unit Guides webpage.

*Offered Units

If your unit is listed as offered/not offered for the upcoming semester and needs to be changed, please follow the advice for Cancellation or Addition of a Published Unit

*Unit guides are not compulsory for thesis units if full details are provided to students in another form (e.g., Honours guide). Please note that where thesis extends over 2 semesters, requirements that must be completed by the end of semester 1 in order to achieve SFR grade must be clear.

Unit guides are required for research project units.

Note the following:

How to edit and submit your unit guide:

The following links provide information and advice on what to cover in each section of the Unit Guide template.