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Arts Unit Guides - Section 2 – Academic Overview

Learning Objectives (un-editable Handbook field)

Details from the Unit description in the Handbook

The learning objectives for each unit are created when a new unit proposal is submitted to Faculty Board for approval. Amendments can only be made if approved through Faculty Board. If it requires updating a unit amendment will need to be submitted (see the Arts Executive Services webpage for information on timelines, policies and procedures)

Graduate Attributes (un-editable field)

No action required

Assessment Summary

The assessment summary that appears in the Handbook will appear here. In addition, a summary table will be generated automatically from any assessment tasks and examinations that you list under Section 3 – Unit Schedule.

Note: University policy requires that, unless impractical, there must be at least two assessment tasks for any given unit, with no single task being worth more than 80% of the total unit assessment (Assessment Procedures). Please be aware the Faculty of Arts has further year level requirements relating to assessment and feedback

Assessment tasks need to be spread throughout the semester/unit and include formative tasks which develop, and give feedback for improvement of, knowledge and skills as well as summative tasks which primarily focus on measuring achievement.

You might also find it useful to take a look at Monash’s cultural calendar for setting assignment dates (

For all assessment related policies and procedures go to

Hurdle requirements (editable field):

Last year ESEC discussed hurdle requirements and drafted the following policy which is yet to be approved by Faculty Board:
A mark of at least 40% is required in each component of the assessment (in-semester and final examinations) for units taught by the Faculty of Arts in order to achieve a pass in the unit. Successful completion of the unit requires:

A mark of less than 40% in either the in-semester assessment or in the examination means that the student will fail that unit and the final mark will be capped at 44N.

* this may be used if unit coordinators wish to include a hurdle requirement

Teaching Approach (editable field)

Follow directions in template


Our Feedback to You (editable field)
Indicate when and how students are to receive their work back, and the minimum level of feedback they should expect.

Example 1
You will receive written feedback from us 2 weeks after submission of your assignments (but not the final test). Additionally, solutions to weekly exercises will be posted online to allow you to self-check your answers and you will have access to review puzzles with automated feedback. Your unit advisor will check blackboard regularly, blog about the unit and answer questions you raise.

Example 2:

Your Feedback to Us (un-editable field)
No action required

Previous Student Evaluations of this unit (editable field)
Follow the instructions in the Unit Guide template. For advice on SETU please contact the Office of the Associate Dean of Education.

Required Resources (editable field)

Recommended Resources

List any recommended readings

Field trips

Provide details if applicable

Additional subject costs

List any other costs such as equipment, materials, excursions and travel.

Examination material or equipment