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Eras Journal - Davis, D. Abstract

Abstract of Davis, D. "Regarding Men: The insufficiency of the current early modern witchcraft paradigm".

This article takes issue with the current historical paradigm surrounding early modern witchcraft in England. Over the past three decades, the witch/woman paradigm-the idea that witchcraft accusations were dependent upon female gender-has dominated the discourse of early modern witchcraft. While most witchcraft accusations in England were directed at women, the generalization of this paradigm as to the cause of those accusations is not unquestionable. Here, an attempt is made to move beyond the boundaries of this paradigm, not only to allow for the possibility of male witchcraft but also to welcome and appropriate it into the discourse. For, as the evidence presented reveals, the presence of male witches undermines the essence of the witch/woman paradigm and demands a revision or possibly an entirely new reconstruction of that paradigm.

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