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About Journalism at Gippsland, Berwick and Off-campus

Journalism is in a period of change and development, driven by technology and a paradigm shift in the creation, distribution, and consumption of news. But the hunger for news is stronger than ever, and news platforms are growing. This new age of journalism is opening up new opportunities for graduates, in workplaces that require multi-skilling, wide scope, and high levels of professionalism. The future of journalism as a field of study depends on insight and understanding of communities and of the forms of journalism that serve them, on applications of convergent technologies, and on building and maintaining the trust that society expects to hold in the fourth estate.  Journalism students at Monash University's Berwick and Gippsland campuses learn how to respond to these contemporary trends.  Using purpose-built labs, the program adapts to, and reflects, these developments in the industry.

Students in this course study the principles, methods and practices of journalism. The course includes an opportunity to experience media workplaces.  Course content includes the craft of news writing and production, theories and application of publishing ethics and law, and application of online news reporting strategies. Journalism as a discipline has a substantial scholarly base, which underpins the course. The journalism strand of study complements related disciplines including media, communications, and public relations, and to this end a high degree of collaboration occurs in the design and updating of journalism units from year to year. Journalism units can also add dimensions to other areas of study including writing, history, and politics, for example.