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dan clancey

Dan Clancey

Third Year part time student

Where I want to be five years from now

I hope to be qualified in 5 years from now and producing better quality documentaries than I have been making through knowledge gained during my Monash BA Journalism course.

Where I was five years ago

Five years ago, I was starting my Monash BA journalism course and not really sure what I intended to do when completed.  My interviewing skills have improved and the quality of work has increased.

My favourite kind of news

My favourite kind of news is feature and particularly profile or biography pieces.  I must admit I am a news junkie of all sorts and cannot get enough of hard breaking news.  ABC 24 is from heaven and I follow Sky news during the day as well as feeds to my phone.

What I like about studying journalism in Gippsland

I like studying journalism at Gippsland because of the interactive way of learning and connection with other students and lecturers.  The assignments and exams have been practical and beneficial for the ‘real world’.

A journalist I admire

The journalist I admire the most is Sally Sara, the ABC’s Asia correspondent.  Sally compiles daily stories for radio, television and online and has a horrific job of reporting on the most terrible crimes and mass deaths that seem to fill our international quota of news.  Sally is personable and approachable and carries herself with a smile.

I am passionate about

I am passionate about social justice and the truth.  I believe journalists are only the conduit between the truth and the people and should allow news to flow from the people to the people.

I unwind by

I unwind by not stopping and keep working.  I run my own production business, work as a journo, producer, theatre writer and director and have a young family. Unwinding comes at the end of the day with my wife and a nice Shiraz.

My favourite time of the day is

My favourite time of day is afternoon and evening, when the children come home from school and when they go to bed!

Two important people to me are

Two important people to me are my wife and my two girls.  Okay that’s three but I can’t play favourites with my kids!

My strategy for survival at uni is

My strategy for survival at Uni is to make strong contacts with other students, they may just know something you need to know and vice versa.  Reading the books is important but listening in class and taking notes is vital.

A news story to mark this month was

A news story to mark in the past four weeks was the man who was found stuck inside a ventilation shaft at Crown Casino Melbourne.  He had wormed his way into the shaft but found himself stuck over the top of a kitchen fryer.  It sounded like a George Clooney movie and cleverly the Herald Sun went with the headline “Ocean’s One”.  (Herald Sun August 2, 2010)