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Esther Lloyd

2nd year student, Gippsland

Where I want to be five years from now

Having fun and living life! Still learning and enjoying it as much as I do now.  A job involving science communication, I suppose would be my goal, although that’s as far as I’ve got at the moment. There are so many options out there.

Where I was five years ago

At secondary school and entertaining grand ideas of becoming a print journalist, a marine biologist, a geologist or a scientific illustrator. Sometimes it was a combination of all four in the space of one day. I had really diverse career interests but nothing that ever stood out for me.

My favourite kind of news

I certainly like almost anything to do with science research and discovery but my interests are not narrowed to that area alone. I suppose my favourite kind of news would involve me learning something new, whatever that may be.

What I like about studying journalism in Gippsland

The classes are really quite small so there is so much more room to work with and off the people around you. Its like one big family, it’s a much more personal and therefore rich learning experience.

A journalist I admire

Science journalist David Quammen. I really admire the way he writes. The way he can capture such colourful imagery with a dash of humour while still addressing many complex and varied scientific notions, inspires me.

I am passionate about

Lots of things! I love to debate about earth processes, particularly global changes. Understanding humanity’s impact on this planet, both in pollution and population is something we haven’t come to grips with yet. The human condition, our cultural nuances within the context of the environment and our ability to adapt is something that I want to be involved in.

I unwind by

Curling up somewhere cosy with a big book, or a season of some ‘b’ grade TV series with an essential block of chocolate. It’s nice to have moments where you don’t have to think too hard and can just sit back and enjoy.

My favourite time of the day is

Any and all times during the day that involve food. I am a dedicated lover of food.  I just love how good food can reflect and enrich our lives and mean so much to those you share it with.

Two important people to me are

Everyone really. Friends and family are essential for keeping me in context and giving meaning to my life.

My strategy for survival at uni is

Avoid procrastination as best you can, it only eats up time you will have to catch up with later. Aim to keep up to date with your work but above all have fun! Get into your subjects, find a point of passion or interest and everything else just seems to fall into place.

A news story to mark this month was

The issue of gender in the federal election. For a society which often considers itself to be above its colonial and strictly patriarchal system of power there have been some interesting reappearances of such ‘traditional’ values and beliefs recently.