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Journalism Students Successes

First year Journalism student secures job with ABC Radio, Sale

First year Journalism Major Brett Millsom has just secured a casual job with ABC Radio in Sale. Here's what he had to say about our exciting new journalism program at Gippsland, Berwick and off campus - and his new job.
Studying journalism at Gippsland is an amazing experience. It opens your eyes to the world around you and makes you more aware as a media consumer. Working within the field of journalism is appealing to me as it provides an opportunity to inform and educate people. You can educate people about what is happening locally, nationally and internationally and make them more informed as citizens.
In my short time at Monash Gippsland I have been lucky to secure casual work with ABC Gippsland local radio. The Head of Journalism, Louise North, nominated me as a potential candidate for the job, and after an interview and some training with ABC station manager Gerard Callinan and other staff I was offered paid work. Working in the production department, I, along with several others are expected to organise contacts and sources relevant to the stories being covered and assist in coming up with ideas for empty slots on the morning program. This has provided and excellent opportunity to experience the real world of journalism first hand and has given me some excellent local contacts within the industry.
Upon completion of my BA(Journalism) degree I hope to work as a journalist, however at this stage in my career I am unsure as to whether I would like to work in print, radio or television.  

* SAMSS Journalism staff congratulate Brett on this outstanding achievement so early in his journalism degree.