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Annual Conference of the Australian and New Zealand Agri-Food Research Network

The Australian and New Zealand Agri-Food Research Network conference for 2010 will be held in the auditorium (Building 3E) at the Gippsland Campus of Monash University, Monday 29 November to Wednesday 1 December. A field trip to experience some of Gippsland’s regional foods and wines will take place on the Sunday (28 November) before the conference.

The Agri-Food Research Network is a forum for Australian and New Zealand social scientists researching the economic, cultural, social and environmental implications of agriculture and food systems. Since its establishment in 1992, it has convened regular annual research conferences and facilitated the publication of research for the following purposes:

• to promote innovative and inter-disciplinary research on agri-food issues;
• to encourage debate, information exchange and collaboration between researchers based in universities and other organisations;
• to provide a supportive site for nurturing post-graduate students and early career researchers studying agri-food issues;
• to engage with policy-makers and agri-food professionals.

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