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SAMSS Areas of Supervision

The School can provide supervision of research theses in the following areas, although this list is not complete or exhaustive. Supervisors' areas of interest range widely

Australian Indigenous Studies

Julie Fenley
Australian Indigenous studies

Communications, English and Writing

Paul Atkinson
Henri Bergson and process philosophy; the philosophy of time; philosophy of science; visual aesthetics; comic book narration; film form; affect theory; semiotics and pragmatics.
Simon Cooper
Technology; cyberculture; mass communications; continental philosophy; psychoanalysis; politics; aesthetics; citizenship; screen media; literature; music; ethics.
Fleur Gabriel
Mass communications; youth theory; youth identity; media and culture; post structuralism; discourse analysis and textual analysis. 
Susan Yell
Communication literacies and practices; textual analysis; discourse analysis; social semiotics; gender, identity and media; media/cultural policy; communication technologies and social relations.

Community Welfare and Counselling

Olga Bursian
Social policy; multiculturalism; social inclusion; comparative welfare states; community development; labour market issues; democratic citizenship; youth issues; post-colonial theory; feminist standpoint theory; subjugated knowledges; cross cultural epistemology and ontology; decolonising research methods; Russian civil society and social policy
Karen Crinall
Homelessness; social documentary photography; visual representations of women and disadvantage, violence against women, family violence prevention, visual sociology and visual studies.
Chris Laming
Profeminist Men's Programs, Men's Violence Against Women, Family Violence Prevention, Personal Construct Theory, Criminal Justice Responses to Family Violence.
Debra Manning
Alternative research methodologies; creative writing in research; transformative and emancipatory social and community welfare theory and practice; culturally sensitive pedagogies; transformative community development and casework

Criminal Justice and Public Policy

David Baker
Public order policing, histories of policing, comparative policing, state and federal police in Australia, police unionism, transnational policing, police and politics.


Beth Edmondson
International relations; Australian politics; Australian policy; international governance
Erik Eklund
Culture and identity in Australian mining and industrial towns; labour history, trade union and business history, heritage and public history; human research ethics; qualititative research methods especially oral interviews; and intersection between academic knowledge and the public sphere through the media, teaching and community-university interaction.
Julie Fenley
Indigenous studies, Holocaust history, public history, oral history, regional history, museum studies and cultural heritage
Stuart Levy
Theories of international relations; state sovereignty; international law of the sea; understanding the undergraduate experience
Rebecca Strating
International Relations, Global Governance, Democratisation Studies, Asia-Pacific Politics, Gender Politics
Mia Treacey
Cultural History, History, Historical theory, Film history, Historical film theory, Contemporary Film Theory, Film and television studies
Keith Wilson
Military history; American Civil War; African American history and culture; Areas of US politics

Public Relations

Joy Chia
Community engagement, communication,  social capital, regional media, relational contexts, social media and traditional media as part of social capital, crisis and issues management, intercultural communication

Psychological Studies

Mark Symmons
Road safety: particularly motorcycles, heavy vehicles, fleets, ecodriving, cyclists, risk, driver & rider behaviour; Touch (haptics): psychophysics, cross-modal comparisons, active versus passive touch, touch & virtual reality, presence, telerobotics & remote control & teleoperation; University teaching: technologies, distance student engagement, embeddedness; Medical applications & Counselling: telehealth, assessment & diagnosis of ataxia, use of virtual reality for training & rehabilitation; Sustainability: Environmental psychology, attitudes & behaviour change, climate change adaptation, ecodriving; Sport psychology: recreational cycling, mass particpation events
George Van Doorn
Psychology and cognitive science; psychophysics; virtual reality; illusions (e.g., body swapping illusion); sensory integration and domination; haptic and temperature perception; crossmodal correspondences; self- and externally-generated movement

Sociology and Social Research

Harry Ballis
Work; work and organisations; health; gambling; religion
Michelle Duffy
Place, community, identity, emotion, affect, sound, culture, embodiment, belonging, alienation, public space, events, resilience
Catherine Earl
20th and 21st century Vietnam, especially Ho Chi Minh City; post-conflict society; social change; social mobility;    middle classes; university students; higher education; gender; sexuality and culture; qualitative methodologies; oral history; local history; social anthropology; sociology; sociology of Pierre Bourdieu; social theory
Nick Osbaldiston
Cultural Sociology; Social Theory; Lifestyle Migration; Coastal Communities