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Facilities for Postgraduate Research Students in the School

SAMSS has excellent facilities for postgraduate research students. Each student studying on-campus is allocated office space that includes a desk, computer and telephone access. Workstations are also available on a first come first served basis for external students visiting the campus.

All postgraduate research students are allotted an allowance to assist with research expenses:

Part of this allowance may also be used by externally enrolled research students to help cover the travel and accommodation costs of their annual five day residency within the school.

Use the Postgraduate Allowance Claim Form (pdf, 81.6kb) to make claims.

Postgraduate culture

SAMSS has over 30 postgraduate research students enrolled in on-campus mode at either Gippsland or Berwick campuses, as well as by off-campus (external) mode.

All students present a paper annually on their thesis research at the School’s Postgraduate Colloquium Day held in November. Students are also encouraged to attend the School’s regular research seminars. Students interested in publishing their research are encouraged to participate in the Arts Faculty’s Graduate Researchers in Print workshops.