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Higher Degrees by Research

What is a Research Degree?

At Monash, a research degree is a postgraduate degree comprising 100 per cent research. The research is presented and assessed as a thesis. The aim of a research degree is to produce an original work of scholarship that will contribute substantially to the understanding of the subject matter. Once accepted into the degree, students are allocated academic supervisors who will guide the research and ensure appropriate standards are met.

The School of Applied Media & Social Sciences offers two broad research degrees that are available for study in a variety of disciplinary areas: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), or Master of Arts (100 per cent research).

Why do a Research degree?

People do a research higher degree for a number of reasons. It may be a passion for a particular topic or an intense desire to make a change in the world. For some, it’s an opportunity to gain an edge in the workforce through the acquisition of specialist knowledge. For others, research is about satisfying a curiosity or to take knowledge to a higher level. For many, research is the basis of an academic career as a PhD is the entry level qualification in most Australian universities.

Why do a Research Degree in the School of Applied Media & Social Sciences?

The School provides a highly supportive environment in which to pursue a research degree. As a multi-disciplinary school, supervision is available in a wide range of areas including:

As a research student in the School you will have access to office space, computer facilities and other resources provided by the university.

For further information on disciplines and areas of supervision expertise, see Areas of Supervision.

How much does it cost?

All research students who are Australian citizens, New Zealand citizens or permanent residents are exempt from course fees and are enrolled into a fee-free place. This means that enrolling for a research degree will not result in a student debt. International students should refer to International Student Fees.


All research students with an Honours H1 degree, or the equivalent, may apply for a range of scholarships including the Australian Postgraduate Award, Monash International Postgraduate Research Scholarship or the Monash Graduate Scholarship.

These scholarship rounds close each year on 31 May for the mid-year round and 31 October for the end of year round.

More information: Monash Scholarships.

Entry Requirements

Masters degrees 
The entry requirement to a Masters degree is a four year bachelors degree with a first or upper second class honours or equivalent, or a masters qualifying with a research component with an overall grade of H2A or above.  Applicants are expected to have achieved a distinction or above in the research component.

The entry requirement to a PhD is a bachelors degree with a research component in the fourth year leading to first or upper second class honours, or a program leading to a masters preliminary qualification at first or upper second class honours level or a masters degree that entailed work, including a significant research component at least equivalent to a bachelors honours degree.

Note: If you are in the process of completing, or have completed, a Masters by coursework in the Faculty of Arts at Monash University, you may be eligible for automatic H1 or H2A equivalence.

How to Apply

All Monash University higher degree by research applications are completed online (candidature only or candidature plus scholarship).  To submit an online application please access:

Note:  As the School of Applied Media & Social Sciences has qualified staff who are able to supervise in a diverse range of research areas, please indicate the School and Gippsland or Berwick Campus as the campus of enrolment (depending on where your proposed main supervisor is located).  This will ensure that, after an initial assessment at the Research Admissions Unit, your online application will be forwarded to the School.

Who Should I Contact?

Information concerning research degrees in the school can be accessed via Postgraduate Studies

For further information please contact:   

Dr Mark Symmons
School Graduate Research Coordinator
School of Applied Media & Social Sciences
Telephone: +61 3 990 26747 or 03 5122 6747
Fax: +61 3 3 990 26400 or 03 5122 6400
Ms Linda Butler
Research & Graduate Studies Officer
Gippsland Research Office
Telephone: +61 3 990 26345 or 03 5122 6345