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Psychological Studies Major or Electives

Psychological Studies Student

Psychological Studies offers a selection of ten units in a range of areas of psychology, plus a research methods unit. Rather than focus on theory though, each unit is solidly grounded in the every-day and referenced against real world experiences. Thus rather than teaching simply about psychology, we endeavour to teach you how to use psychology, which in turn helps you to learn and understand the background concepts and theories.

Psychological Studies is designed and taught by scientists actively researching a range of interesting and relevant topics. The course and individual units are therefore as rigorous as you will find in any psychology course offered anywhere else.

Psychology is about understanding and improving or developing yourself, and interacting with the world – the environment, people, animals, technology and other ‘objects’. An understanding of psychology will therefore be useful to you regardless of your course, your future job(s), your relationships and the physical and mental health of you and those around you. Take a look at our units and I’m sure you’ll see what I mean. Therefore taking even a single Psychological Studies unit will surely complement your other studies.

Most of our students are taking individual Psychological Studies units as electives for other courses (and after a taste of the units and the way we approach the teaching most of them take as many as they can), but we are always keen to see students undertaking a Psychological Studies major. And we are always on the lookout for students with an interest in continuing on with an Honours, and then possibly for a Masters or PhD.

Psychological Studies