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Sensory Systems & Virtual Reality Research

We have an ongoing program of research involving the human sensory systems, with a particular interest in the sense of touch (or “haptics”), both on its own and the interaction between it and vision and audition.

Touch psychophysics

close-up of finger in TDS

A number of projects explore fundamental aspects of the sense of touch, including:

Active vs passive touch

In active touch the explorer retains control over their movements, while a passive explorer surrenders that control to an outside agency, such as our unique Tactile Display System (click image left for video). A number of projects have been completed:

Multi-sensory exploration

Exograsp allows a user to grasp a virtual object with thumb and forefinger

In order to better understand the haptic modality we explore how it performs when it receives stimulation that is either congruent or incongruent with information provided to vision &/or audition.

Further papers on haptic, multimodal and virtual reality topics can be found on our haptic publications page.

Psychological Studies